Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Triceratops on motorcycle

How's this for combining two of my favorite things? Here's another sweet Jim Lawson sculpture. I think this may have been a birthday present.

Jim perfectly captured the energy and fun of his sketches in this piece. It has a real "Bade Biker" feel to it, and I think may in fact date from around the time that Jim was doing that series. -- PL


~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. the captions for that one just write themselves.

That 'Tricera ' weighs a "TON" .. hope the frame holds !!

..(( Way ta go , Jim !! ))

roseangelo said...

Sweet. And I totally recognized it as Jim's style before reading it was from him. :)

Vaughn Michael said...

Yay it sure does Pete I agree 100%
Bring back Bade! I don't care if Orson looks like a Scrotum lol

Vaughn Michael said...

I'd also like to bring up another point if that's ok Peter?
I know it's none of my business but I really want to see the Neca line run for quite some time and as much as I want every single Mirage character I don't think that goal will be achieved unless the line becomes more like an Ultimate TMNT line.
I know allot of people would back me up on this also, not even just the hardcore group of fans that post on the Technodrome and on these blog's, I'm talking fans from all over the net.

My idea is that there should be at least one fan favorite in the lineup you could dip into any number of TMNT universes while still having the majority of the figures be from the Mirage comics.

I know your trying your hardest to make the Mirage storyline the forefront of everything, but you know as well as anyone else that most of the public remember either the 80's Cartoon or the Archie comics because they where so readily available to kids at the time and now all of those kids are in their late 20's and early 30's many of which have very found memories of such characters as Krang or Armaggon from the comics.

I have to admit while I'm super excited about this line of figures I don't see it surviving to long after we get past the core characters like Splinter, Shredder, & Casey.

I don't really think it would hurt to toss in an accurate Bebop, Krang, or Slash into the lineup at all because it's only going to help keep this new toy line afloat all the much longer.

Here is a link to a message board of just random toy collectors talking about what they would like out of this line, you should really have a look see.

Slash said...

While going off topic and picking up on Vaughn's topic... I'd second that. I think it would be cool to either get Toon accurate figures of Bebop and Rocksteady, ETC...

Or get them redesigned by yourself, Peter Laird, to fit the Mirage styles. As the number one Slash fan out there, I'd drool over a better Slash figure than the old toy that was made.

I also know this would help spread the line out as much as possible so it does not look like a ton of Turtles and nothing else to go with them.

Any chance in us seeing the Justice Force? Please? :)


~ tOkKa said...

-->> Conceptual Figures ..

I. E. { RALPH McQUARRIE STAR WARS } ..TMNT Figures.. never used designs and concepts.

[ [ I .E . Concept Style Rahzar .. Steve Bissette's Tokka ]]



Splinter's Iroonna said...

How does he work the clutch and throttle without opposable thumbs?

PL said...

"Splinter's Iroonna said...
How does he work the clutch and throttle without opposable thumbs?"

Details, details! -- PL

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Oi ..dino SORE ..

Triceratons is all thumbs..


Splinter's Iroonna said...

Blogger PL said...

Details, details! -- PL

"The Devil is in the details".


PL said...

To Vaughn Michael: I think it is WAY too early to try to prognosticate where the NECA TMNT line is going and when it will end. I am really, REALLY happy that NECA has had such a great response to their first TMNT release (and I will say once more that I think they did a brilliant job on them), but the jury is out on the question of whether that success will translate to other non-TMNT figures from ANY of the various TMNT "universes". Obviously, I hope it does... there are a bunch of characters from the comics that I want to see done the "NECA way". (In fact, I was just thinking a couple of days ago that it would be extremely cool if they did a "Triceraton in flying harness", like Dark Horse Miniatures did years ago. And I spoke briefly with the NECA folks at the NYCC about how very, VERY much I would love to FINALLY see a vacuum-metalized Fugitoid figure.)

I agree that it would be a lot of fun to see NECA do some of the characters from the "TMNT Adventures" comic series, as well. Heck, I'd love it if they also made figures of characters from Mike Dooney's "Gizmo", Jim Lawson's "Bade Biker", Dan Berger's "Gutwallow", and maybe even "Planet Racers".

But the problem is -- which figures would sell enough to make it worth their while? I don't know if anyone can predict that with 100% accuracy.

And I'm a little unclear about what you mean by "an accurate Bebop, Krang or Slash"... unless my memory is REALLY going, Playmates Toys did a sterling job doing exactly that during the first few years of their TMNT toy line. -- PL

GreenWillow said...

PL said...And I spoke briefly with the NECA folks at the NYCC about how very, VERY much I would love to FINALLY see a vacuum-metalized Fugitoid figure.

Omigosh yes! A truly silvery, shiny Fugitoid? Now *that* figure would surely sell!
At least, I'd buy one.
Maybe two.

SpitfireImages88 said...

I think what Vaughn was trying to say is he'd like to see characters who haven't had treatment yet. I know he mentioned some that have already been made into figures but I know like myself he'd love to see figures of characters like Null and Tempestra. Though the issue with that is being to obscure and then people will pick up the figure and say "Who the hell is this?"

I see the issue that could pose, but like others have said I would like to see some of the more well known characters re-done. How cool with a Rocksteady be fashioned after the Archie style? Or Slash? I know people would love that a NECA Slash custom sold on Ebay for quite a bit recently. I say try one a line. Maybe make a deal with fans.

Back when Capcom was considering releasing the soundtracks for the Devil May Cry games they made a deal with the fans. If 1,000 preorders were received they would release the CD and just like that 1,000 were received, more actually, and the CD came out. If that's a little shaky maybe test the waters with a limited release exclusive for the line, I know NECA does those, and sell it through the official site only or something. Just ideas.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Again some decent 'classic' movie figs.

Conceptual or not.

If you haven't known, NECA's movie licenses are killer top notch.

And they keep getting better.

For example. Henson's Labyrinth figures are quite amazing.

Bringin' the four Guys, Splinter,Tokka, and Rahzar could be done to tremendous effect all to the structure, scale and vision on how Henson's Creature shop originally showcased them in the movies.

NECA knows movies and i ain' just sayin' that. Been getting NECA product for years abnd if any movie franchise qualifies as C'ult Classic' it's the Early TMNT films.

There i said it and i meant it.


Jason said...

Heh, the tricerabooty is awesome. This piece exudes badness. BTW the NECA line is coming along great but more than 4 figure a year would be nice.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> here here , Jason !! !!