Saturday, July 25, 2009

Watch out!

While my Mirage compatriots bask in the adulation of thousands of fans amidst the delerious cacophony of Comicon's great halls, and enjoy sampling the exotic delights of sunny San Diego, I must perforce content myself with humbler fare... such as a late afternoon ride through the hills of Franklin County, feeling the clean, cool air as I ride my motorcycle through lengthening shadows.

I was on one of my favorite rides -- coming home the slow way from a late lunch (early dinner?) at McCusker's in Shelburne Falls. I was not expecting to see this:

Of course, I did slow down. I didn't see any turtles, however... I suppose they had all already made it across the road. -- PL


Seth Brower said...

Sigh, I miss the food there, was a great place to swing by after school, when I wanted to grab a bite.

But now I am stuck in LA, and miss the lovely small town feeling that I had growing up. Granted I am working in the industry that I wanted to get into (film) and enjoying myself, but at the end of some long days, I do just miss the hills and greenery.

ooo-zah said...

They were able to hide in shadows even in daylight. So i guess that's why you missed them Mr.Laird... every turtle has ninja gene, maybe just not dominant.

Neil said...

There was an AOL article on ' Big wastes of Money'. One of them was a 23 million dollar (Up there, not exact amount) 'turtle tunnel'.

Apparently when a bridge was taken down, the safe passage for local wild life was destroyed. So this is going to take it's place....

would they even be smart enough to know to use it?

Tyrgermanic said...

SDCC is so crowded nowadays,you really made a better choice staying back.
maybe its one of those 4 giant walking turtles ive heard of.
(joking,but watch the TMNT become cyptids now)

Splinter's Iroonna said...

Where is the fast turtles crossing located?