Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blast from the Past #219: Bruce Lee screen print

Here's another piece from the 1970's, when I was a little obsessed with Bruce Lee. I did this one at college, in one of my printmaking classes where we covered screen printing.

I never got very good at this technique, but I remember being fascinated with the process.

Note: The purple tones around the edges of the image were not in the original print -- they're just some weird artifact of the digital photography.-- PL


Tyrgermanic said...

bruce lee was a genius.
how he figured it all out himself.
people said getting hit by his kicks were like being hit by a truck.(not a car i guess)
the "Game of Death" documentary is great.

Chad said...

Hey Tyrgermaniac,

Are you talking about Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey by any chance? The more people who see that DVD/on TV, the better!

Cool screen print, too.

Brett said...

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Tyrgermanic said...

for the time,thats a great screen print.

Chad said...
Hey Tyrgermaniac,

Are you talking about Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey by any chance?

if it has unrealeased footage from game of death.
and ends with bruce saying,
"..You need to be water my friend..."
more people do need to learn about bruces life.
his story stands up to any fiction.
it makes you wake up,and want to reach your full potential.
WATCH IT anyone who hasnt.

Chad said...

Yep, that's the one. I love the interviews they were able to put together for that, too.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> This is the tightest representation of him you've presented here !!

Laird, it's so damm POP !!

Love it.


Weird, Chad, Tyger ..

just re-watched the bizarrely edited "Tower of Death " .wi

Anonymous said...
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Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

The awesome thing about this is it reminds me of something about my late father.

Dad was a silk screener when I was a pre-teen (and worked the buisness into my teens years, untill in my late teens he got ill.) When he was first getting the home buisness set up (he built all his own equipment) he did a test on his print press by making a screen of a picture of Splinter from one of the first TMNT books and then making a print of it in black ink, with some red overtones. Once the test was done he cleaned the screens (being copywritten art and all, he never mass produced it) but he gave me the test (it was printed on a sheet of heavy stock) and I had it on my wall for years.