Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mouli help wanted

Back around the time the TMNT were created by me and Kevin Eastman in Dover, NH, I bought a relatively inexpensive low-end food processor called a "Mouli". It was a simple device with interchangeable blades, well-suited to slicing, shredding, or grinding small quantities of various food items quickly and easily. Here's a photo of the Mouli in closed position...

... and here it is in its open position.

Believe it or not, this is the same Mouli that once grated carrots for the salads that we used to eat in Dover. This thing has survived almost twenty-six years and four household moves. It's still working well, though it is showing its age -- the plastic, especially the part which gets near the blades, has chipped in places, and the steel cutting discs are rusting in spots.

The device has little on it to indicate where it originated, though it does have the words "Mouli Julienne" molded into the plastic on its underside.

I'd like to buy a replacement... but I can't find any! A few months ago I spent several hours on the Internet searching for a place which might sell this type of Mouli, but the only ones I could find were in France and I could not figure out how to order from those sites. And I have kept an eye out whenever I go into kitchen supply stores, and have yet to find another one just like this one (actually, I would not mind if it were a different color, as long as it was the same design).

There are many other Mouli-type devices, but the ones I have run into don't seem to have the same simplicity and ease of use as this one, nor do they cut/slice/chop in the same way.

If anyone out there knows where I could find and purchase this product, and could steer me in the right direction, I would be grateful. -- PL


Pete J said...

it is a "Mouli-Julienne 405 Grater" the 405 number should net you better results while searching for it

here is a link to the exact one on ebay:

Pete J said...

also look into the
"Moulinex Mouli Julienne Shredder Grater" and the "Moulinex A4450a"

here's another ebay link to the exact one this seems to be alot better condition than the last one as it claims to be new in box

mikeandraph87 said...
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Adam said...

Like the others have said, typing "Mouli" into ebay should bring up a few options for ya.

Tyrgermanic said...

I would be grateful. -- PL

(groans)oh man,thats bad.

food to see some people were able to find some.
(then im not changing that typo)

Mayhem said...

I thought I'd seen something like this before... and we get the A4450 model here in the UK too: