Tuesday, May 24, 2011

After the rains

On reflection, I would rather have a bit more rain than we need than a drought, but it has gotten a little tiresome over the last couple of weeks. However, the extra water has helped to produce a lot of lush greenery around here, and things like this...

... Jeannine's patch of Lilies of the Valley with azaleas in the background on the edge of our lawn. Lilies of the Valley are some of my favorite flowers -- I remember being fascinated with them as a kid, when we had a small patch near my mom's clothesline. The flowers have such a cool shape. -- PL


Mark H said...

That is a beautiful picture Pete. All our fruit trees over here have been loosing there blossoms. I should have taken a picture of my peach tree with it's blossoms to share with you. It was lovely. Perhaps I will remember next year.
I take it you have been out today? The sun has been poking through. I just got back from a 5 mile run and, it was gorgeous out there. Not only all seeing the flowers in bloom but, that smell. The smell of earth and growing things.
Thanks for sharing. I love your pictures! :D

M.M. Montelione said...

I agree about the Lilies of the Valley, Peter! They're extremely interesting flowers. I just planted some Spider Lilies recently, and they just started poking through the ground now. It's an exciting process!

Chuck said...

Hey Peter- Sorry to contact you via your blog but I couldn't locate your email address. I just wanted to let you know that the Autumn Society (a international illustration group) is having a TMNT art tribute in Philadelphia on June 3 in Old City. Some samples can be seen at: www.theautumnsociety.com

I am planning on contributing as well. There is also a facebook page dedicated to the event:

Chuck said...

Oh, and don't miss out on these;