Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bear butt

So a couple of days ago, I left the house to go and get Jeannine one of her favorite morning drinks, a latte from Dunkin' Donuts. About a mile from our house, in a rural neighborhood, I saw a large, dark shape shambling across the road roughly a tenth of a mile up ahead of me.

I immediately recognized what it was from its profile -- a large black bear. And I immediately kicked myself for not bringing my good camera with me, because I probably could have had thing ready to shoot in a few seconds, and caught a cool image of the animal in profile as it crossed the road directly in front of me.

Instead, I had to fumble in my belt pouch for my little Pentax camera, and by the time I had gotten that out and ready to shoot, the bear had already crossed the road and was moving off into the shade of the trees in someone's yard. Not in any great hurry, mind you.

I did manage to get a few shots, which give you some idea of the bulk of this beast. Unfortunately, they are all bear butt shots. -- PL


Austin said...

Pun intended, Peter? :)

PL said...

"Austin said...
Pun intended, Peter? :)"

Yes. -- PL

twopinacoladas said...

Nice pics, I often carry around my cannon power shot. I'd like a camera with a better optical lens but then I'd have to sacrifice portability.

Its nice having a camera to take pics of unexpected things =)

Anonymous said...

We went camping at Glacier National Park 19 years ago, and saw 9 bears, one walked right through our camp ground. Our friend was not so lucky when a bear got into his car. It was locked and closed, but the bear put his paws on the side window, and pulled it down. It ate 5 days worth of food in an hour.