Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunset (sort of) from Mount Sugarloaf

A couple of days ago, I was out on the DN-01 and admiring the cloud colors as the sun was setting. I was thinking that if the road to the top of Mount Sugarloaf in South Deerfield was open, I might be able to catch some truly spectacular scenes from that high vantage point. 

The road was, in fact, open, but I didn't time my arrival all that well -- the most colorful clouds had already faded by the time I reached the top of the mountain. However, I did get a few shots looking out towards the west and southwest, and used PanoramaMaker5 to put them together in this image.

When I looked at it the first time after the program had done its thing and stitched all the shots together, I was disappointed, as it seemed there was a flaw about a third of the way from the left hand side, where the fence rail looks split and offset. Sometimes this happens when the photos being used to make a panorama aren't just right.

However, upon closer examination, I realized that it was not an artifact of the software -- that chain link fence rail was, in fact, separated at that point.

Hopefully, when I next ride up Mount Sugarloaf to take some sunset photos, I will time it better. But I still like this image. -- PL

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