Monday, January 2, 2012

First day

Yesterday was the first day of 2012, and it was marked here -- at least near our house -- by a lot of mist in the morning. The weather was mild, and the sun was shining, and for a while there was a thick mist -- I wouldn't call it a fog, exactly, but it was definitely a lot more moisture in the air than we usually have this time of year. 

       Maybe if it had been a bit colder, we would have gotten snow.

       I'm glad we didn't.

       It was cold enough to leave -- for a brief time -- some bits and pieces of frost on the grass and fallen leaves. I noticed one curled-up leaf near my foot and took a closeup shot of it.

I love the patterns in the frost here -- they almost look like a lot of tiny silver-white leaves. It's that whole fractal thing, I think. 

Or something.

But what I was really out there in the mist with my camera for was to see if I could get some shots similar to those I took last year after a quick summer shower in late afternoon, when the air was heavy with dampness and mists curled among the trees… and the sun moving towards the horizon, shining through the trees, made for some beautiful light effects in the mist. I lucked out and got a number of shots which I thought were quite beautiful.

Unfortunately, I did not have that much luck yesterday… but I did manage to get the above shot, and that one I liked. -- PL


Mark H said...

Those are great pictures Pete. The first shot has an eerie, yet beautiful, feel to it. The frosted leaf picture is really cool too. It was a really nice day for January 1st here in New England. It was a great way to start 2012. Happy New Year Pete! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

We sat out n the back porch on New Years Eve with our Champaign and my laptop to live stream the ball drop, and watched the fog playing over the streetlamps and trees. It was VERY thick here in Springfield, and really really cool.

You've always got the coolest pictures here Peter!