Friday, April 6, 2012

Madam Sherri's Castle, again

I've written before about "Madame Sherri's Castle" on this blog -- two entries, one at:
… and the other at:

It's basically the remnants of a home which was abandoned and later burned, leaving some sturdy and lovely stonework standing, and is one of my favorite places to visit when I am in the Brattleboro area, as there is something about it that always inspires some of those delightful "ruin ruminations".
I took a drive up there last week, and parked in the small parking area next to the pond. I sat on the tailgate of my truck and ate my lunch from the Vermont deli, listened to the sounds, and enjoyed the sights and smells, of early spring.
After lunch, I wandered around taking photographs. I've done this at least half a dozen times on various visits to this site, but I always find myself wanting to take more. 

This time, in addition to some of the usual angles, I decided to walk around the ruins and look for other interesting perspectives.
Curiously, I don't think I had ever done this before on any of my other visits. I don't recall ever seeing this view of the west wall of the house's basement…

… or this one of the north wall…

… or this one of an old dead tree and the backside of the beautiful stone staircase.

I strolled back down to the pond and took some shots down there as well. -- PL


Mark H said...

That old stone staircase is pretty wild looking. I like the shot you took of the branch that is aligned with the old stairs in the background. Great pictures! One day I will have to go out that way and, check it out for myself. It looks so peaceful there. Thanks for sharing Pete!

Anonymous said...

You take some amazing pictures, bro.