Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pledge! Pledge! Pledge!

I just finished watching the second Presidential "debate", and -- admitting up front that I am somewhat biased (I voted for Obama in 2008 and I will be voting for him again next month) -- I think Romney got his butt kicked. His lack of specifics and tedious repetition of his "talking points" made him appear as ill-suited for the Oval Office as I truly believe he is and always has been.

Obama wasn't perfect -- there were a few times when he either dodged a question entirely, or just barely answered it and instead used it as a springboard to talk about something else -- but Romney did that at least as often.

However, there was one question I wish someone in the audience had asked -- maybe somebody had such a question ready, but didn't get chosen to ask it -- having to do with a common (to the point of tedium) theme in Romney's criticisms of Obama. Romney repeated a number of times that Obama had made promises leading up to his election and taking office that he would do x, y, or z during his first year… and had then failed to do so.

Now, anyone with half a brain -- and you would hope that someone hoping to be PotUS would have at least half a brain -- MUST understand that, as the old saying goes, "There's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip"… that things are quite different when you are running for office versus when you actually get elected and into that office. It's a rude awakening in a number of ways, I would imagine, to find yourself suddenly plunged into a daily routine of dealing with more issues and problems than you can shake the proverbial stick at… and you also have to deal with people who will oppose and obstruct whatever you are trying to accomplish, not because those things are necessarily BAD things, but because YOU want them to happen and you're not of the right party. And things can change rapidly in this world of ours, so that solutions which seemed practical and workable one year might suddenly prove to not be so the following year.

Given that, I hoped someone would ask Romney if -- God help us -- he gets elected, and he doesn't accomplish things that he now promises to do in his first year, second year, or whatever, he will right now pledge and promise to the American people that he will not seek re-election four years from now. I mean, if Romney REALLY believes that these failures to deliver on campaign promises are indicative that a President has proven himself unworthy of holding that office, then it seems to stand to reason that if he is elected and he fails in those ways, he should acknowledge himself as a failure and not seek re-election. 

Come on, Willard -- make the pledge! -- PL


Nicholas Burgess said...

Great idea! I would love to see that question asked. I was thinking along these lines earlier today.

Mark H said...

That is not going to happen Pete. I don't think Romney would make a good President but, I don't think he is that stupid. Then again, he is like a car salesman and, he seems to have a tendency to agree with, and say, whatever he has to in attempt to close the deal. It was good to see President Obama awake last night. I think he has the country moving in the right direction and my memory of where we where back in 2008 is still very much intact.
As for campaign promises. I remember back in 1988 when the President H. W. Bush said his infamous "Read my lips" line in a speech. He later had to agree with Congress to raise taxes. At the time we where in a small recession and, bringing in new revenue was the best solution for getting us out. So, as much as I have heard President H. W. Bush get ripped apart for that line of his. I have to say I felt bad for him. I think he made the right choice. When the chips where down he had to do what was best for the country even when it went against a campaign promise. Anyone who thinks that an American President should keep all of his campaign promises, no matter how circumstances may change is a damn fool.
The only pledge that Mitt Romney seems ok with signing is that idiotic Grover Norquist pledge to never raise taxes under any circumstances. I think that is beyond dumb. Why would I want someone who is running for President to sign something that limits his options? That’s foolish!
There is a reason Mitt left our state with a 34 percent approval rating. It is not because we thought he was a great leader.