Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's morning in America...

I was considering using an image of "Big Bird" from "Sesame Street" with a thought balloon reading "Whew!" for today's blog, but out of respect for the owners of that character and their desire to separate Big Bird from politics, I will refrain. So I borrowed a line from an old Ronald Reagan campaign ad for my headline instead.

I have to admit I feel good this morning. It's cold outside -- around 30 degrees, by the thermometer outside our kitchen window, the sky has the look of imminent snow, and I dread that I must soon perform the yearly ritual of the putting away of the motorcycles -- but there is a suffusing inner warmth as I consider the fact that the majority of my fellow Americans have, for the second time in four years, soundly rejected bone-deep Republican stupidity and fear-mongering. I speak, of course, not of the vast majority of Republican voters, who are decent people and as truly American as any Democrat, but of the Republican leadership, the upper echelon of the party which still seems to believe that you can get into power through lies and manipulation. 

Well… maybe that is still possible… but let's all give thanks that their fervent efforts to take our great country back fifty years (or more) didn't succeed this time.

And I would be remiss if I didn't give a tiny tip o' the hat to two men who -- in their small and apparently completely clueless, unintentional ways -- helped to give us this victory:  Todd "legitimate rape" Akins and Richard "pregnancies from rape are a gift from God" Mourdock. These two fools (who both went down in flaming defeat yesterday in their Senate races) pretty conclusively proved -- to my way of thinking, anyway -- that (a) displaying gross ignorance of science and medical realities and making it a part of your political platform, and (b) trying to legitimize hateful stupidity by slapping "God" onto it are not really great strategies these days. Thanks, guys!

Time to get back to my breakfast. Congratulations, President Obama -- I look forward to seeing what you can accomplish in your second term. -- PL


Anonymous said...

Pretty pleased for America.

Also, jealous of you at the mention of possibly needing to put the bikes away NOW.

Ross May

Nicholas Burgess said...

Seeing Romney concede was an amazing birthday present!

Mark H said...

Well put Pete! It is nice to know that even with the Koch Brothers spending a small fortune, Karl Rove's Super PACS and, the voter suppression laws that have been passed in many states, our voices can still be heard. I think that is one of the biggest victories in this election. The American people can not be bullied or bought.
I'm also glad that we here in Massachusetts did not fall for Senator Brow's spiel. I think Senator Elect Warren will be a great representative for us. I don't see her voting against healthcare for 9/11 first responders, equal pay for woman, or the American Jobs Act. For all Senator Brown's talk he could not hide from his record. I was glad to see my fellow Bay Staters agreed! I wish the best of luck to Senator Brown and his truck. I also look forward to seeing Senator Elect Warren’s performance in the U.S. Senate.
I'm relieved that the election is over. I feel like it is morning in America. I too woke up with a warm feeling despite the gray skies and chill in the air. I’m feeling positive right now. I think America and Massachusetts made the right choices!
Have a good one Pete,

Also, I miss riding. One day I will get a bike again. (When the kids move out)

Anonymous said...

This is a sad day for America. It shows that if you fail at your job, and lie to people they will still vote for you.