Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stick, walking

I was enjoying reading my new "Star Trek" book, "These Are The Voyages", on our front porch swing yesterday. The weather was mild, the late afternoon light was adequate, and I was ensconced in the swing in a posture which Jeannine often chuckles at when she sees me there -- it's not a large swing, probably about four feet wide, so I have to scrunch down a little and hang my legs off the end railing with my knees bent.

It was starting to get a little cool, so I shut my "Star Trek" book and untangled myself, preparing to head inside and maybe read a little more... when I glanced over at the small table next to the swing and saw this:

These insects are so weird and cool. They really do look like some kind of alien species. And I rarely get to see them, probably because they spend most of their time being very well-camouflaged on the branches of bushes and trees.

I don't know why this one in particular thought it would be a good idea to emerge from such a safe haven and crawl over next to me, but I'm glad it did. -- PL

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Bridgett said...

It has good taste in books, at any rate!