Saturday, January 11, 2014

Flying pigs

These chirp instead of oink, but they certainly "pigged out" on winterberries.

A few days ago, Jeannine alerted me to a photo op -- a horde (well, a small horde… hordelet?) of hungry birds had descended on her winterberry bushes. It was pretty cold outside, and I'd only gotten up a few minutes prior and was not yet of a mind to face those frigid temperatures, so instead of going outside to take better shots, I stayed in the kitchen and took these through a window. 

(And I also thought if I went outside for that better vantage, the birds might be startled and fly away, which would ruin the whole point of the exercise.)

I didn't time it exactly, but I'd say it took them no more than an hour or two to strip the bushes completely clean of their red bounty, as you can see in the last image. -- PL

1 comment:

Mark H said...

Cute Little Fellas. They certainly seem to like those berries.