Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fighter jets over Northampton

While bicycling around Northampton with my friend Rick a couple of days ago, we kept hearing the thunder of fighter jets passing overhead -- unusual for this area. We stopped to get coffee at Smith College*, and, while sitting outside enjoying the warmish spring weather, heard the jets passing overhead once again. 

I whipped out my little Pentax camera and managed to get a shot of the planes -- four of them -- as they roared overhead in a tight formation. I've NEVER seen that here before.

We speculated about what they might be doing -- Practicing for an air show? Getting ready to fight the Russians? Just having fun? -- but conceded that we really had no clue.

As we finished our coffee break and got back on the bikes to head back to Mirage Studios, the planes appeared overhead once more, this time with one of the pilots "waggling" his plane's wings. -- PL

         (*When I first typed this up, I inadvertently left the "m" out of "Smith", resulting in "Sith College", which made me -- as a "Star Wars" fan -- chuckle.)


Colin Panetta said...

I've seen a plane or a row of three to four planes multiple times over the last few days over Northampton and Granby. Was remarking to someone about it just yesterday.

Mark H said...

"Getting ready to fight the Russians?"

Yikes! I hope not! The only time I have witnessed four fighter jets in a tight formation was at a sporting event in Foxborough MA. I was standing at the top level of the football stadium with my father when they did a very low flyover. It was scary and awesome at the same time. Did you hear the jets approaching? When I saw the jets in Foxborough I did not hear them until they where right overhead. It is a frightening thing when you think about what their purpose is. I have to wonder what those jets where doing over Northampton.
Thanks for sharing Pete. You always take cool pictures.

"Sith College" Mwahahah!!! Now that sounds like a fun school. If you only knew the power of a Dark Side education!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they were out for ice cream?