Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seventeen turkeys

Yesterday, as she returned home from a yoga class, Jeannine stopped in our driveway to count seventeen turkeys strutting around on our lawn. When she mentioned this to me as I greeted her at the door, I grabbed my camera and headed outside, thinking the birds might still be there and I might get one or two photos before they melted into the woods.

I did manage to snap a few photos, though true to form they didn't stick around too long, and in their stately yet curiously quick gait were soon lost to sight among the shadows under the trees.

This is a cropped version of one of the better photos, though it is a little blurry -- that's what happens sometimes when I'm trying to quickly get a few shots before the opportunity vanishes. -- PL

1 comment:

Mark H said...

Cool picture. We get a lot of roving bands of turkeys around here in Central Mass too. By my count there is only sixteen turkeys in the picture. Did one wander out of frame before you snapped the picture? Thanks for sharing.