Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A stupid little thing which means absolutely nothing...

... but it got my attention today when I went online to check my email. Here's a cropped screen grab of the thing:

Perhaps it was because this past week a friend mentioned in an email that she was trying to get to the "Zero Inbox" stage, wherein you keep your email inbox free of clutter, to the point where when you leave it each day, it is empty.

For this particular email address, I have not done that in quite a long time, if ever... and today, I noticed with a small blip of amusement, that the number of emails currently in the inbox for that address was 1234.

Get it?





Yeah, okay, it's stupid... but these are the things one amuses oneself with when trapped in one's house by a raging blizzard and the attendant ban on driving. (I use the words "raging blizzard" somewhat sarcastically, as the storm we are getting here today in Western Massachusetts, while certainly significant, is hardly the worst we've ever had... and from where I sit, looking out at the occasional random swirl of snowflakes, clearly not signifying desperately difficult or unsafe driving conditions.) -- PL


Spantus said...

Happy Birthday!

Shanth Enjeti said...

Fun post. Just had to comment to say that I closed out my day inside avoiding the blizzard by reading issue 1 of the original TMNT with my son. He loved it.

And following up on the previous commenter, Happy Birthday too!

Anne M Leone said...

Now growing up, we always believed that when you encounter a "magic" number like 3:33 or your example, 1234, you can make a wish. Which sounds like such a nice alternative to wading through 1234 emails!