Friday, November 5, 2010

Another rainbow

It's a cold, wet, somewhat dreary day here, and I thought to cheer myself up I would post the following two photos that I took a couple of weeks ago. Jeannine and I were out on short walk with the dogs, and, coming around the north end of the barn, we were greeted with this beautiful sight.

It was unexpected, and I guess that's probably the best way to see rainbows. It was definitely an "Oooh!" moment.

Or maybe an "Aaah!"

Whatever the case, it certainly was lovely... and another reminder (as if I needed one) that it's a good idea to have my camera with me at all times. -- PL


Troy said...

I've had a few "oooh" or "aaah" moments myself, lately. It seems like somewhere in the past 10+ years since I was a kid I'd forgotten about rainbows, and I've just now re-discovered them. They're still quite a sight.

Brookslyn said...

Double rainbow!