Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prone, supine and...?

Jeannine and I were having a little discussion a few days ago about the difference between the meanings -- relative to body position -- of two words: prone and supine.

Simply stated, you are prone when you are lying on your front, and supine when lying on your back.

But this raised a question -- is there a term similar to prone and supine for when you are lying on your SIDE?

I don't know, though I suspect that there MUST be. Anyone out there know what it might be? --PL


Adam Riches said...

It's funny you posted this, because I remember wondering the same thing while taking an anatomy class once. I was never able to come up with a conclusive answer, and if you look here:

They still refer to it as "Lying on either side" without a proper terminology.

I've heard variation terms before like "Semi-Supine" for example, where the knees are up but the feet are still planted, but never something that correctly describes laying on one side. Very interesting, I hope someone chimes in because I'd certainly love the answer to this quandary as well.

Jonathan said...

There's got to be a term used in homicide forensics...

mikeandraph87 said...
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Anonymous said...

Recumbent? The classicist in me imagines a Roman on his side, propped up on an elbow, at table. The dictionary doesn't agree with me, but it sounds right.