Friday, February 11, 2011

Blast from the Past #349: "Dear Mr. Laird..."

This is a nice editorial written by my editor at "Hampshire Life", Nancy Frazier, for the March 8, 1980 edition of the publication. (It was mentioned in the "Hampshire Life" TMNT cover story in the post I put up here last week.) I think Nancy got an even bigger kick out of that letter the computer club sent to "Hampshire Life" than I did.

Dig the groovy beret I'm wearing in the little self portrait in the lower right corner. I actually did wear one of those for a while -- not so much to look like an "artiste", but because these somewhat stretchy hats actually fit my over-sized noggin pretty comfortably. -- PL


Anonymous said...

that's a neat article! I especially like the computer you drew up!

Miserable Dreamer said...

It's so interesting to read a biography of you that is before Turtles took over.

It really would have been interesting to see where your illustration career would have gone. I wonder if you would have moved into computer coloring or mainstream comics or something.

Great article. Also I love the drawing of the computer!

mikeandraph87 said...

Thats an interesting article! To think the happy accidents had only just begun at that point. Thanks for sharing. In regards to intending to being a science major I wouldn't have guessed. I knew of your interest but must say that was the fun fact for the day. I can say I changed my mind myself. :)