Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blast from the Past #361: Hobbit and dwarves and trolls

Last week, I was excited to watch Peter Jackson's first "video diary" from the set of the first of the two "Hobbit" movies that the "Lord of the Rings" director is finally shooting in New Zealand. I look forward to the finished films.

In honor of the beginning of the filming of this long-awaited adaptation of a beloved book, I dug up this old drawing -- I think it is from the late 1970's or early 1980's. I am not completely sure WHY I drew this, other than that I am a big fan of Tolkein's book.

I'm also not sure why I left it unfinished... seems to me like it's almost all there, and I would just need to put in some spot blacks and maybe a little shading.

In any event, fans of "The Hobbit" should be able to tell what scene this is meant to illustrate. -- PL


Adam Riches said...

Glad to see you posting up some art again! It seems you were extremely prolific all throughout the '70s, '80s, and '90s so I could only imagine you probably were struck with some better idea or another job as the reason you didn't finish this, at least that's why I've got piles of half-finished art lying around!

Mark H said...

I saw the video diary too. I can't wait. I'm glad to see Peter Jackson at the helm again. I can't imagine anybody else doing Middle Earth as good as Mr. Jackson and, of course, Weta Workshop! 2012 can't come fast enough!
This is another great drawing. I dig how much character you gave the trolls. I'm guessing that the dwarfs are in those sacks. Now the only question is, how should we cook them?
Love your drawings Mr. Laird. It's great to see one of your illustrations from one of my favorite books. Thanks for sharing! :D

mikeandraph87 said...

You know,its never too late to finish it!
Its cool to see you driven to create drawings because of creations that inspire you. It comes full circle as I've tried to capture the Eastman/Laird ninja turtle variation and the Wolf variation of your work as you tried to do another.

I just have to say/post it..."hobbits,dwarves, and trolls, oh my!"

Mark H said...

I can't wait to see Smaug on the big screen! Rumor has it Leonard Nimoy is going to be the voice of Smaug. How awesome would that be if it is true?

B.Thomas said...

Great illustration Peter! I'm sure that you would make an awesome comic book adaptation of the ''Hobbit'' if you were asked to.

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

One of my favorite scenes in the book...just as the sun's coming up! :)