Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I try to get in a walk every day, especially during this cold season when bicycling seems but a dream of the warm times. A few days ago, I decided to walk one of my favorite bicycle routes -- or at least most of it -- which took about an hour or so. It was a cold day, but walking that distance definitely got me warmed up.
Of course, the bright sunshine helped, too. And even though we're in that time of the year when most things seem brown or grey and a little grubby, there is still beauty to be found. Maybe not the lush green beauty of the spring and summer, but perhaps the dry golds and browns and pale yellows of old grass.
I spotted these specimens as I was crossing a field which I usually walk around. I was hoping to find something interesting to photograph, and these well-preserved stalks of tall grass which had either been mowed down or flattened by snow months ago satisfied that desire.

I like the brushy look of the heads of these grasses. They might make good material for a wreath. -- PL


Mark H said...

More great photos! I like the first picture myself. It is shot from a low angle giving it a very grand look. The golden grass in the foreground with the blue sky in the background is very pleasing to the eye. This may sound like a silly question but, where you crouching down real low to the get that shot? You've got a great eye Pete. As always, thank you for sharing.

PL said...

Thanks for the compliments, Mark. Yes, I was holding the camera down low (I was, at that moment, too lazy to crouch that far down myself!), with the specific aim of getting the grass against the sky. Fortunately, it worked! -- PL