Sunday, May 6, 2012


So I was in the local BJ's Wholesale Club on Friday, and I wasn't intending to buy a new camera, but passing by the camera display my eye was caught by one of the small signs advertising each camera's most appealing features. This one, on a Nikon model, said "42x Zoom".

I was immediately interested, given all the fun I've been having of late with the 25x zoom lens on my Leica. So 42x… well, just call me an impulse-buyer.

An hour or so later, I had pulled the camera out of the box and set it up so I could bring it with me on another bicycle ride over to check out the heron and eagle nests which I wrote about a few days ago.

But this time, I didn't just capture a shot of an eagle's head by accident -- this time, with the extra magnification of this new camera, I could actually see and shoot several photos of the whole bird.

Or I should say "birds", because there were two adults and one fledgling in the nest, and I managed to take some pretty neat shots.  -- PL


Shaun M. Coates said...

Awesome photos!

Mark H said...

Those pictures are great! I can't believe you captured shots of the eagles with their fledgling! How very cool. From the looks of it the New Nikon camera you purchased is working out for you.
Thanks for sharing these with us Pete. These are some excellent pictures!

Chris said...

that is pretty amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great shots. Sharon and I went rafting down the Snake River in Wyoming years ago, and we passed by an eagle's nest. We were surprised at how big it was. We saw a couple eagles flying, but no young. It looks like you bought a great camera. It compliments your wonderfully photographic eye.


BL said...

Dude! GREAT shots wth your new Nikon! (National Geographic here you come!)Enjoy!

Melodye said...

Whoa, and WOW. Peter, I want you to be my shopping buddy! I'm still hankerin' for a camera with capabilities beyond that of my point-and-shoot. Nothing fancy, but I need a better lens(es). Maybe some more lessons, while I'm at it. I get so frustrated with my current camera and my own limitations.

These photos, however, are spectacular. Seems as if your new camera will serve you well.