Friday, May 4, 2012

Avengers assemble!

It truly is a golden age for geeks.

Thirty to forty years ago, when I was reading the new Avengers comics every month and trying to find back issues I'd missed, I never considered it a real possibility that a movie such as Joss Whedon's live-action "Avengers" (which opened in wide release today) would ever see the light of day. It just seemed preposterous to even consider, given the staggering difficulty of realizing any kind of convincing superheroic action on screen and the enormous costs associated with even getting halfway there.

Fast forward several decades.

Computer-generated imaging has made the realistic visualization of ANYTHING possible, and -- though expensive to do right -- economically fits with the movie-making model.

People in high places are wising up to the fact (long known by  those of us who read them) that a lot of comics have great characters with compelling story lines which -- in the right hands -- can make great movies… which can also bring in huge profits.

And so we come to "Avengers", which I had the giddy pleasure of viewing today with a group of MIrage Studios friends. Simply put, it is an amazing piece of work -- satisfying on virtually all levels. I congratulate everyone involved, and thank them from the bottom of my heart for turning out such a wonderful treat.

I look forward to seeing it again, soon -- I think the next time will be within a few days, and I'll go with my wife. I haven't told her much about the movie, although I did mention (without describing what happens) one scene -- a confrontation between the evil Asgardian Loki and the Incredible Hulk -- which had us breaking out in gales of laughter in the theatre. And not because it was unintentionally funny, but because it was a PERFECT reading of what would happen if those two characters went head-to-head. Even now, just thinking about it makes me smile. -- PL


Mark H said...

I'm glad to hear that the movie did not disappoint you. I myself am looking forward to seeing it! That CG Hulk looks incredible in the previews. I can only imagine how good he looks on the big screen. Loki VS The Incredible Hulk, that sounds freaking awesome!
Thanks Pete,

BL said...

Lik ES It Mikey!!!!

Miserable Dreamer said...

I took my dad, who I think is a couple years older than you and who grew up on 1960s and early 70s Marvel Comics, to see The Avengers last Friday and he loved it. His only complaint was "not enough Thor!" (Thor was his favorite Marvel character.)

I thought it was a fun movie. I really enjoyed it. I thought they did a particularly good job on the Hulk.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Batman movie? What about Spider-Man??

PL said...

"Miserable Dreamer said...
What are your thoughts on the upcoming Batman movie? What about Spider-Man??"

I'll go to see the new "Batman" flick, but I have to say that virtually nothing I've seen so far makes me excited to see it. And I have to say that suffering through Nolan's bloated, pretentious and obnoxiously loud "Inception" seriously lowered my opinion of him as a director.

The new "Spider-Man" movie looks intriguing, though I wish they'd kept the original costume design. Nice to see the Lizard finally appear. -- PL

Bookgal said...

I saw this on the Thursday it opened, and then saw it again on May 5th with my husband for our 11th wedding aniversary. I hope to see it again before it leaves the theaters. Not only did I think it was one of the best comic adaptations I’ve seen, I actually used my set of avengers cookie cutters to make Captian America, Hulk, And Iron Man shaped cookies on opening night to pass out in line. It was an epic experience.

And I agree 100% about Loki and Hulk. CLASSIC!