Saturday, March 28, 2015

A sign of Spring

One of the sure signs of Spring in our area, at least in my opinion, is the dirty snowbank. 

       As the winter plods on, plows push snow into large, dense mounds lining the edges of streets, driveways and parking lots. In moving this snow, the plows also scrape up a lot of the sand which the Department of Public Works trucks spread on the pavement to give drivers a bit more traction on the slippery stuff.

What happens as the weather starts to get gradually warmer is this: The snow begins to melt, and the piles of snow to shrink, and as they do, those particles of sand within the piles begin to move closer together, becoming darker and more obvious against the snow, rendering what were previously almost pristine white mounds of snow into blotchy messes. 

       It's deliciously ugly, because even as these unsightly shrinking mounds become ever more unsightly, they tell us that the warmth is coming… just wait! -- PL


Melodye said...

So you, Peter, to see sand castles emerging (albeit slowly) from the slushy snow berms

AcmeSuperstore said...

Hello Peter,

Enjoying the blog posts so far. Do you have a contact e-mail for inquiries?


Mark H said...

I will never look at these dirty snowbanks the same way again. Thanks for sharing your silver lining. Instead of looking at them as just an eye sore I will look at them as a sign of spring.

Mark H said...

Hey Pete, I put some pictures on my blog that I thought you might enjoy. My son found a humming bird trapped in our garage and brought it in to be cared for. My wife captured some great pictures of me feeding it by holding flowers up in front of it. Here is the posting: