Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Hidden Geometry of Snow

A thick accumulation of snow -- something we have seen far too much of in recent months -- can seem almost featureless in certain lighting conditions. The homogeneous nature of the bright white blanket makes it difficult to see the underlying shapes upon which that frosty mantle rests.

That's why I have always enjoyed the way that trees can help to reveal the hidden geometry of snow, especially during those times of days when the angle of the sun drapes the trees' cold shadows over the landscape. Graphic against the pale snow, these broad, stark lines show us much as they ripple over hillock and plunge into decline. -- PL


Melodye said...

We don't have much of a winter here, but you've captured the scene so well for this visitor, with this gorgeous imagery (words & picture). Most certainly, snow presents a different sort of geometry than the sun-baked landscape of SoCal--each of which, to my eye, is beautiful in its own right.

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