Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blast from the Past #152: Gold Wing motocross

I found this piece the other day -- I think Jim Lawson drew it for me as a birthday present five or six years ago. Part of the reason I think this is that the Honda Gold Wing model depicted here is the older GL1500, which I owned before I upgraded to the GL1800.

This is a beautiful drawing and a crazy concept, as anyone who has ridden -- or even looked at -- an 800+ pound Gold Wing would know. But Jim made it work here. -- PL


Daniel Schwarz said...

I recognize Jim Lawson's style. I guess a love of motorcycles is something that both you and he have in common. A lot of the gifts you give each other probably involve motor cyles.

Cool piece. Thanks for sharing.

Lord Nightwalker said...

Wow, I see what you mean Pete.
I grew up around motorcycles, Norton, Triumph,Harley, and a couple of Hondas...So I understand what you mean about the Goldwing.
This drawing deffinetly backs my decision to have Jim do that commission piece.
Thanks for sharing this,
It's "way rad"!