Monday, March 23, 2009

Blast from the Past #168 : Fun with Bryce

Some years back, I enjoyed playing around with a 3D program called "KPT Bryce". It was basically a landscape generator, but if you were persistent enough, you could do some cool things with the available tools. I built this scene for fun -- obviously, the big robot/vehicle thing was inspired by the AT-AT walkers in the "Star Wars" movies.

Bryce was one of those "magic" programs which really kept me interested in computers. I remember just watching the rendering process with rapt fascination. -- PL


Neil said...

Backgrounds are really annoying to do in 3D, at least for me.

But after ten years of trying to learn modeling on and off, I'm really trying to expand into animation next. A whole level of annoyance :).

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. the hardest parts of animation for me Neil, was making everything look look believably animated .. like i mean if the character was walking .. i didn't want him to look like he was jsut floating on the ground as he was moving his feet. Kept running into issues like the feet running into the ground as if it were made of mud.

At one point a decapitation took place in one of my animations.

Getting the precise ' line up ' of the "blade" with the character's neck, blood , ..animating the liquid and the ' Flow ' of the whole death scene just beyond frustrating.

Nowadays.. they just make it look flawless !!

Oi ..

very cute render, Peter !!


twopinacoladas said...

Cool stuff Pete :)

Im very much into 3d, I haven't done much for animation tho. Right now I am doing an internship in Toronto. I haven't played with landscape generators but I think Terragen is supposed to be a pretty good one.

I thought of e-mailing Dan at your official website, but are you or any of the Mirage crew planning on going to the Toronto comic convention? I believe its next month. Anyway I just thought I'd ask. I very much enjoy your blog.


Good choice Peter! THE AT AT was my fav Star Wars machine when I was a kid. Good work :D

Anonymous said...

I remember bryce.. My dad had it on his computer and I loved playing with it.. it was one of my favourite programs and still is.

Mark H said...

Cool render Pete. I always liked the way Bryce would render water. It always looked so realistic.