Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mossy rocks on a back road panorama

I can't stop! Here's another panorama. I took these photos last fall. I was out doing one of my favorite things -- riding around on my motorcycle (in this case my Gold Wing), looking for interesting back roads. I found this one not too far from home. It was mostly dirt, and would be a little scary in a car if there was traffic coming fro the other direction, as it was a pretty narrow road. But I had to stop and check out these beautiful mossy rock formations.

I'm not sure if they are natural or if this was a man-made cut through a rocky hill. Given how small and out of the way this road is, I can't imagine why anyone would go through all the trouble of blasting through it. Who knows? In any event, the rocks and moss looked nice. I wish I had taken a few more photos so I could have shown the road stretching out into the distance on the left side, too. If you look closely, you can see my Gold Wing way off down the road on the right. -- PL

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