Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blast from the Past #224: Finhead guy fights tentacled monster

This is another piece from back in my college days -- my last year of college, in fact, which was 1976. I'm not sure what inspired this drawing, although I have a vague memory of doing several different drawings featuring this guy with the fin on his head -- it's possible that I intended to do a story with him as a protagonist, but I don't think it ever happened.

I think I was trying to play with ink washes in this piece (not terribly successfully, in my opinion). -- PL


Anonymous said...

it kinda reminds me of something that would have been in the "clash of the titans" movie. Def looks like a a clay animation scene. I like it and I think it looks great!

Tyrgermanic said...

holy hell,thats cool.
thatd be a good story.
i love the setting especially the time period.
and the ball n chain.yeahh.
its weird the turtles only had 3 issues that were about that great 900s/1000s era.

Neil said...

hey Peter, I was reading the corrected Future Tense page on the site. Do you have any guesstimate as to how long mutant turtles might live?

I figure at best they'd live 200 years, but even then it's a long long time. Could be some interesting story opportunities...

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..pretty remarkable. very impressed.

Agree about the "clash of the titans" remark.