Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blast from the Past #225: Moxie® Hundredth Anniversary artwork

I can't remember HOW I got this job, but somehow I made the connection with the Moxie® bottling company. Moxie®, as you may know, is a distinctively-flavored soda, sold mostly in New England.

When we were living in Dover, New Hampshire, I was struggling to find work as an illustrator, and I was fortunate to get this job doing some illustrations for the local Moxie® plant (I believe it was in Rochester, NH). I think I did about half a dozen drawings, some of which were used in newspaper advertisements. Moxie® was celebrating its one-hundredth year in 1984.

I can't recall exactly what this one was used for, though I think it might have found its way onto t-shirts. I recall that the guy who hired me to do this work gave me a small paperback book about the history of the Moxie® brand to use as reference -- it had quite a few photos, including some of this cool promotional vehicle Moxie® made great use of during their heyday, the "Moxeimobile". Apparently, this was one of those old open touring cars, and it had a life-size fiberglass horse standing up inside it. A person could sit on the horse and actually drive the car. I was told that the bottling company had one of these in storage, but sadly I never got to see it. -- PL


~ tOkKa said...

-->> WOW !!

HA !! Almost looks like a classier version of a ED BIG DADDY ROTH crazy hot rod design ..

you have any more of these related designs to post ?!

Brookslyn said...

Nice work representing that "old style." Have you had any other commercial product marketing/ advertising experience? Anything recent whether official or for fun because you liked the product / cause / organization?

On a side note, I picked up about 30 issues of the new Tales and TMNT comics about a month ago wihle on the east coast. Yowza! There are some really great stories in these comics. Pete, issue 22, wow!

Today I went to the los angeles comic book and sci-fi convention. I found about 55 or so issues from Vol 1, 2, Tales Vol 1, The archie series and random one offs. Amazingly I got 44 of them + 40 other comics for $44 bucks! I think the one I'm most interested in reading is "Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles meet Archie"... say what?!?!?!

Pete and all you folks at Mirage, thanks for the endless hours of enjoyment!