Friday, June 4, 2010

"Things Change…" Part Two: Changing things...

Following up on my previous long personal post…

Things have changed, and continue to change.

I seem to have experienced a sort of "personal seismic shift" as regards my relationship to the "stuff" that I talked about last time. I was walking with my good friend Len last week and discussing this very issue, when I suddenly said to him something like this: "With the exception of most of the artwork I own, both by me and by others, a few objects and artifacts which hold sentimental value, my tools and a few motorcycles, and the stuff I need on a day-to-day basis (clothes, computer, etc.), I feel like I could just take the rest, heap it in a big pile, and ship it to the nearest Goodwill or recycling center."

It's pretty strange to feel this way, after so many years of feeling the exact opposite. But it is also quite liberating. I spent some time over the last few days walking around my old studio, looking at all the stuff in the storage space underneath it. A significant portion of that lump of stuff is a set of shelves of boxes of multiple copies of old Turtle comics… and as I looked at them, I started to think, "Why am I keeping all of these?" I couldn't think of a very good answer.

So beginning soon, I think I will be selling most of this collection. I will probably keep most if not all of the limited numbers of first printings of the early issues (don't have many of those anyway), and maybe five copes of each of the rest of them. But the rest will go. I plan to discuss with Katie how to sell these through the Mirage Licensing web site. Some of them will likely be offered for prices higher than the cover price, as they are legitimate collectibles now.

I am also considering offering for sale most of my collection of TMNT toys from the first big licensing/merchandising era, but I haven't reached a conclusion on that idea yet. -- PL


Anonymous said...

wow, thats a very deep thing to commit to. I would find it hard to let go of my things, but then again i too hold onto stuff that I will never need or have to see again. I think what your doing is really good and its also essential to the "cleansing" you seem to be embarking on. I think if you want to have a fresh start with life, getting rid of things you no longer need or want around you is a good start.

now im going to have to check on the mirage site for the update to come one day so i can buy something. i cant even imagine what goodies you must have. :-) if you ever plan on selling your DON stunt suit let me know. i know i would drive down their personally and buy it from you. i'll even offer to take you out for a coffee. - M

David White Illustration said...

Pete, keep your pal Dave in mind! I would love some original art and I know your collection is vast and awesome. I can't compete with the real collectors for price but I do have some cash on hand and you know it'll be going to a good home.

Summer said...

I have recently felt that same way with regards to hanging on to stuff. I'm having to move every 6 months for job reasons and every time I pack up things and move them, I drop off a couple bags/boxes at goodwill.

My memories are in my head, I don't need all that unnecessary stuff to hold onto them.

Jeff M said...

It's always good to get rid of the piles of stuff one accumulates. It's even better to make some cash off them lol. I know I'll be checking the mirage site to see what I can get my hands on. Best wishes n happy thoughts!

Troy said...

That sounds like a very positive step, Pete. And also a very gracious one, in that not only are you considering ridding yourself of some of things you've accumulated throughout your years that you no longer feel you want, but you're also -- by offering them on the site -- giving others an opportunity to acquire something that they may treasure for all their years.

Which I think is far better than simply throwing it all away. As you're giving others the opportunity to enjoy -- dare I say 'love' -- something that you no longer do.

Be sure that it's what you want, though. There have been times that I've purged myself of items that I felt I didn't want or need anymore, only to later regret the action and the inability to retrieve them. I don't need them in my life, but I do, on some level, miss them.

And, while I find saying this distasteful and mercenary, if you do put some things up for sale on the site, please make them available outside the US. I live in Australia myself, and I suspect there might be some things that I too would like to purchase.

Jeff M said...

a biiiiit off topic... but.. I just found 19 of the Archie comics at my local thrift store. I bought them happily with a smile lol. After looking at them, I have covers by a wide range of artists. Some of the books are even done by you. I'll post pics on my blog when I get a few, if anyone would like to see them.

mikeandraph87 said...

I got to meet Mike Dooney today. I hope the rest of you guys will return to the Heroes Con one day soon. :D

I understand the multiple copies being unloaded and needing to free up some space,but I bet the rest will hold some type of value of nostalgia to you later. While I'd love to see what you have specially of the packaged toys from the first era I'd like you to hold on to something that you might hold something to later on.

As always things for sharing!

Danny M said...

Hey Pete! I know I don't post much (I do check in nearly every day), but if you decide to move any of your early original art, please let me know. I believe you've visited my art "gallery" ( before, and I'd love to add more of your art. Thanks for staying in touch with us fans. :)


Stu Phoenix said...

Hey Peter;
I know this isn't really the best place to ask you this, but since I don't know any other way to contact you, here it is:

I recently began learning how to Ink, and since I am no artist, and i don't have any artist friends, I turned to the internet. I printed some of your pencils to practice on, and I was wondering if you would mind if I posted them on my blog. I assure you i have no intention of selling them or anything like that- like I said, just do it for practice- And you will be credited for the work.

Let me know! my email is

Josh (Kendamu) said...

On one hand, yay for letting go of a large part of your materialism! On the other hand, this is just another sign to even further cement the notion that I shouldn't actually expect Mirage Universe TMNT comics to show up again.

I might try and grab something off of you when you start selling, but I'm also trying to be less materialistic and I'm trying to run with the notion that since you're moving on I might as well, too.

Neil Vitale said...

I know how you feel. I look at toys and things just laying around and think 'Why am I keeping this stuff?'

The comics I wish I could digitize and ditch, as they just take up too much space, but it's a huge project.