Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Step Toads

We did some cleaning of our entryway floor mats a couple of days ago -- they can get kind of funky after a while, what with the dirt and stuff that comes off the bottoms of our shoes, plus the depredations that pets can inflict (I don't think I need to go into the gory, grimy details). So we hauled them out onto and draped them over the front steps, let the rain fall on them, sprayed them with a soapy cleanser, hosed them down two or three times, then let them dry in the fresh air and sun.

So after this procedure, they were ready to be brought back into the house, and I picked one of them up, to find these two critters sheltering underneath:

I guess they may have seen the space where the mat was draped over the steps like a little protective cave or something. I felt a bit bad about taking away their refuge, but I'm sure they'll find another. I did manage to get a pretty nice closeup of one of them before they both hopped on their way. -- PL


Jeff M said...

They're so cute!

mikeandraph87 said...

Genghis and Rasputin came to visit it appears!

I wish I could get such close ups of wildlife,but they are too skittish.

Jeff M said...

lol @mikeandraph87 they just need the Hawaiian shirts!

Powder said...

Haha great! I live in South Carolina & I'll see a good 5-6 toads a night. They like to hang out in the garden, on the deck (to catch bugs that 'croak' (nice pun) from bouncing into the lights too much) & sometimes end up in the pool. I often have to get em out of there 'cause I've had one drown :(

They're great little creatures though, I try to bring them the lost cricket or beetle that sneaks into the house behind me.

Dane E5R said...

So, Peter. This has nothing to with your current post, but I've been wondering this since I've been following this blog and seeing how much it appears you seem to be enjoying yourself these days.

Do you still believe that life is, at best, bittersweet?