Thursday, March 22, 2012

A great deal on "Blue Plate Special" by MIchelle Kwasney!

About a year ago, I wrote here about a new friend I'd made, a wonderful writer named Michelle Kwasney who was (and still is) battling the effects of Lyme Disease. I mentioned -- and put a link to -- one of her books, "Blue Plate Special", in that post.

Well, I just found out that is offering "Blue Plate Special" as a "Kindle Pick", and the book is available for Kindle download at the "steal of a deal" price of $2.99. Here's the URL and link for the offer:

Highly reccommended! -- PL

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Mark H said...

I just grabbed a copy of the actual book off of ebay. To be honest, the premise of the book does not sound like something I would be interested in. I think my wife would enjoy it so; I picked up a copy for her. The story sounds like it has elements within it that my wife can relate to. It could perhaps even give her more insight into some of the situations she has had to deal with in her life. I could have purchased the kindle version but, my wife does not like to read books on my tablet. She likes the good old fashion paperback book. I will read from my tablet if I find a good deal. I do however agree with her, nothing can replace the feel of the page in your fingers and, the smell of fresh print on paper. If she likes it and deems it appropriate she might let my daughter read it too. It sounds like good books for both of them read and, have a discussion about. Perhaps it will stop them from talking about the “Hunger Games” books. I have had enough of that already.
Do you know how Michelle is these days? I’m just curios; I hope that she is still seeing improvement with the Lyme Disease.