Thursday, March 29, 2012

What a strange world we live in...

A few minutes ago, I happened upon this article:

... and am wondering if:

(a) it is for real, or

(b) it is an early "April Fools" joke (April first being only a few days away.

If (b), it's pretty funny.

If (a)... well... that's pretty sad. -- PL


diego said...

i work at an elementary school. the words "stupid" and "shut up" are treated like swear words. when i was reading them the lorax, both of those terms were in the text and i, on the fly, read "stupid" as "silly" and "shut up" as "be quiet." still don't know how i feel about this.

Mark H said...

How is it that “Dinosaurs, Birthdays, Halloween or, Television” considered loaded words? Perhaps if you replaced “dinosaur” with the word “beast”, it would be a loaded word. How could these words, on a test, possibly distract children? I really do not see the logic in this? Is it just me? Unfortunately, I do not think they are joking. I do however, think this is a joke!