Sunday, June 3, 2012


Stopping at the local Post Office a few days ago, I was disappointed by the lack of interesting mail, but happy with what I saw as I walked up to the building -- a beautiful butterfly investigating the flowers planted in front of the Post Office.

Once again, I was grateful for the amazing zoom lens on my new Nikon. -- PL


Mark H said...

Those are some beautiful pictures Pete. I really like the depth of field in the first shot. I'm impressed by the detail of the last picture. Even zoomed in you can see the hairs on the butterfly's back. That is a great camera ya got there!
Thanks for sharing.

BL said...

Maybe we should pack up our cameras and blast over to that butterfly place (going out of South Deerfield)and get MORE cool pics!(Next time I'm up!)

Mark H said...

You guys should check out the Rock House Reservation in Ware MA sometime. It is not to far from Northampton, just a scoot down Rt. 9. My wife and I took the kids there for a hike over the weekend. There where lots of great things to photograph. There where a ton of lady slippers along the hiking trails. It is a very beautiful, peaceful and, serine place. It is absolutely gorgeous in the fall. My wife and I have been going there for years and, I always bring my camera.

Rock House Reservation

Anonymous said...

Peter, Butterflies are visits from someone in heaven!