Saturday, June 9, 2012

Le renard in the yard

I came downstairs for breakfast this morning and was almost immediately greeted by our dog Parker barking loudly at something outside the kitchen window. I thought it was just one of the many squirrels which seem to aggravate him on a daily basis, but then Jeannine urgently called my attention to the real culprit…

… a fox!

We've been seeing more and more of these sleek, reclusive creatures in recent years -- in fact, I think I've had more sightings of them this year than in my entire life. It makes me wonder if there is some fox population boom -- possibly coinciding with the huge chipmunk population we saw last year.

In any event, it was neat to see this beast paying us a visit. Unfortunately, I did not have my new Nikon with the great zoom lens at hand during the minute or so that the fox graced our lawn, so I was only able to get these slightly blurry shots with my pocket camera. -- PL


From Mary's Pen said...

Beautiful pictures!! It's extremely unusual to see the shy foxes in the day time... Do be cautious, if you live in an area where rabies is present. Here in NY we've seen several cases of foxes with rabies recently. :(


Mark H said...

I had to look up the translation of "Le renard". D'oh! Cool pictures. It is amazing what you see looking out the windows sometimes. Thanks for sharing!