Saturday, June 30, 2012


Jeannine and I attended the opening of the Ezra Jack Keats show at the Eric Carle Museum two nights ago. Keats is best known for the picture book "The Snowy Day" which he wrote and illustrated.

As part of the opening, there was a lecture about Keats by Claudia Nahson, the curator of the exhibit. My ears perked up and my brow furrowed (yes, simultaneously) when she spoke of how one of Keats'  early professional artistic endeavors was working on the original "Captain Marvel" comic books in the 1940's… but the slide she used to illustrate this point showed a Jim Starlin cover from the 1970's version of "Captain Marvel" -- completely different character published by a different company.

The artwork in the show itself was interesting, but it could hardly match the sight which greeted us as we began to drive home -- a gorgeous sunset. It was one of those sunsets which explodes into beauty and changes rapidly, but I did manage to get one or two photos of it when I found a spot where I could safely pull the truck over and get out with my camera.

Tasty! -- PL


Craig Lambert said...

Dear Mr. Laird,
I recently mentioned you and your work in a blog post. If you like it, please share, tweet, facebook, reblog, etc.

Many thanks,
Craig Lambert
Atlanta, GA

Mark H said...

Tasty Indeed! You take some great pictures Pete. It is as if you capture all that is good and right in the world. Beautiful sunsets, butterflies getting pollen from flowers, nesting bald eagles, bunnies, foxes, I could go on and on. I think that's why I keep coming here and looking at the pictures you take. There are times the world can look very ugly to me with all the violence, destruction, and greed. It can make a man feel disheartened and downtrodden. Sometimes a simple picture can be a gentle reminder that the world is a beautiful place. Have you ever thought of publishing a book of your pictures? You have so many good ones already. I’m sure the material is already there. Thanks for sharing.