Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Shellback signing!

I'll be heading up to Maine next Saturday to do a second signing at Steve Lavigne's "Shellback Artworks" store, but this time I'll be sharing a table with Mirage Studios pals Dan Berger and Jim Lawson. (We're hoping Mike Dooney will go as well, but he hasn't made a final decision, as far as I know.)

The signing will be held from 11AM to 4PM, on Saturday, August 11. Shellback Artworks can be found at 1509 Post Road in Wells, Maine. See you there! -- PL

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David Rivera said...

Hello Mr. Laird,

My name is David and my family and I plan to be there. We ( or should I say I ) am very excited to meet you. Obviously..... I am a turtle fan and I just want to thank you for still being involved in the comic community.
I would like to have things signed but I don't know what is appropriate in your opinion for "how many" items would you sign without thinking " Wow! What a weirdo!" internally? LOL
Please excuse my ignorance or "weirdness" but the little "Saturday morning cartoon kid", or "geeky comic book kid" in me is soooo excited to meet someone who helped create so many awesome childhood memories ( as well as many household accidents that I am sure my mother remembers with a cardboard weapon of some sort....... HA HA HA), but I absolutely want to be very respectful to you as a man, and that is why I am asking. Thanks for your time hope to see/hear from you soon. Have a wonderful day!!


Mr. David Rivera