Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just when you think you've heard the height of stupidity… UPDATE 08-22-12

… something like this falls in your lap.

Just un-freakin'-believable. People this ignorant get ELECTED???!!! Multiple times???!!

Is anyone surprised that this Todd Akin guy is a Tea Party member? -- PL

UPDATE 08-22-12:

After thinking about this some more, and hearing much commentary about it on the news, it becomes sickeningly clear that the staggering idiocy of Akin's comments is all in the service of an anti-abortion talking point: To wit, if you get pregnant from what you claim was a rape, then you can't really have been raped, because women bodies can somehow prevent pregnancy in the event of a rape... and thus you can't get an abortion if the law allows for that option in the event of an unwanted pregnancy from a rape... because if you got pregnant, you couldn't have been raped... and so on... and so on...

What a waste of skin this jerk is. -- PL


Jeff M said...

Wow. An ELECTED official. What is wrong with people?!

Chris "Bah'glenn" Negri said...

O_o.....Well alrighty then. The guy does know that rape is a bad thing right? That's definitely one for the history books..

Mark H said...

People like that make me lose faith in humanity. Some of the idiots in Washington really upset me. They are some of the biggest idiots among us yet, they have the power to pass legislation that affects our lives. That is pretty scary. It is also scary that there are people out there who elect these morons!

"Is anyone surprised that this guy is a Tea Party member?"

I'm not! In fact, I have come to expect this insensitive, thoughtless drivel from the Tea Party.