Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's the king's birthday!

Just a few minutes ago I was reminded that today is Jack Kirby's birthday… and I know I've used this already in a blog post, but I think it deserves being posted again.

Happy birthday to the king of comics! -- PL


Jason Moore said...

Hi Peter!
That's a great piece!
I don't see any info on how to contact you directly, so this blog is my only hope. You posted an image of Donatello with Varcel from Tales from the Aniverse that you pencilled and Michael Dooney inked.
That post and artwork is located at http://peterlairdstmntblog.blogspot.com/2008/11/donatello-with-pinup.html

I posted a comment on that page telling you about my connection and history with Tales from the Aniverse and how much this piece means to me.

If you still have this piece, and would be interested in selling it, would you please contact me at jason@inkmachine.com or inkmachine@gmail.com with how I could go about buying it from you?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you even if it's to let me know that you do not want to sell it. At least then I can rest easy knowing that I at least tried my best to buy it and give it a home on my wall. =)

Thanks again SO much!
Jason Moore

PL said...

Jason, at the moment, I don't know where that original is -- I don't even know if I still own it (it may have been sold years ago, or maybe even Mike Dooney has it... I really don't remember).

However, if I ever come across it, I will make my best effort to remember your request and get in touch with you if I decided to sell it. -- PL

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Very cool site! I am also looking for contact info...lol I was a big fan of TMNT when I was a kid and when I got older and got involved in the AMA Superbike race scene I was an even bigger fan when Dale Quarterly raced the green meanie and won at Mid-Ohio 1993! Very popular win...

I noticed a post you made a few years back with a side fairing from one of his '02 bikes. Any interest in selling that? I will be opening a roadracing museum free for fans to enjoy and that bike was alway such a hit for myself and countless others at the track. I would be very happy to put it on display along with info about the team and sponsors, you, anything you'd want!

If interested please contact me! artistimo@gmail.com

Thank you!


Jason Moore said...

Hi Peter!

Thanks so much for replying to my message. I truly hope you find this artwork one day and will contact me to purchase it =)

Best wishes,
Jason Moore