Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Avengers" visual magic

While visiting one of my favorite tech sites ( this morning, I stumbled on this video showing some behind-the-scenes work by the special effects artists at Industrial Light and Magic for last year's "The Avengers" movie.


It is truly amazing what can be done with green screen and computers and a lot of creativity and artistic vision. -- PL

P.S. Though I really enjoyed the movie -- I think I saw it in the theaters three or four times, and probably have watched it five times on Blue-Ray -- it is not without flaws, and one of them has only become apparent on repeated viewings -- the use of the word "play" in phrases like "What's his play?" or "That's your play". I haven't actually counted how many times it's used like that, but I think it's at least five times... and it gets really annoying. Grating, even. Why not substitute "plan" or "strategy" or "scheme" for one or more of those instances of "play"?

It's a minor thing, to be sure, but it does bug me.


Danielle G. said...

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Chuck Dillon said...

Jeez. Couldn't you have just left it at that? Now we'll all be conscious of the word "play" as well. Argh!