Saturday, February 9, 2013

"The frolic architecture of the snow"

After a long night of blustery winds, we woke this morning to a lot of snow, snow which was piled high in some places and swept away in others. It kind of made it hard to tell exactly how much had fallen.

But it was clearly quite a bit.

Here's a photograph showing how high it drifted against the door to the small deck outside our bedroom...

... and another showing the window in our laundry room, which is on the second floor. (No, we didn't get fifteen feet of snow -- there is a porch roof right outside that window, the sloping surface of which starts about a foot below the windowsill.)

Now it all needs to go away.

If not now, soon.

Please?  -- PL

P.S. The title for this post came from a friend's Facebook page, and it is a lovely phrase from a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, which can be found here (as well as other places, no doubt).


Melodye said...

It's beautiful, especially when viewed from the warmer side of a picture window. Hope it melts before too long, but not so fast that the streets get flooded.

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