Saturday, February 2, 2013


I took another walk in Look Park today -- colder and a lot less foggy -- and went off on a side jaunt on a short trail leading up to a dam in the small town of Leeds. GIven the large amount of rain we had a couple of days ago, and the subsequent cold snap, I thought there might just be some interesting ice forms there.

And I was right.

Standing almost under this bridge by the waterfall, staring at the the ice coating on the rocks formed by the spray of water from the waterfall, I wondered if anyone had ever set up a camera and gotten a time-lapse movie of these beautiful shapes in formation.

There were many odd-shaped chunks of thick ice on the riverbank, but this one really caught my eye. 

I love the patterns in this piece of ice, and I could only guess at how they were made. -- PL

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Mark H said...

Those are really cool pictures Pete. The last one is fascinating. Thank you for sharing.