Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Von Engman's Shirt Vault... now open!

My long-time good friend and fellow graphic designer (and to be honest, when I say I am a fellow graphic designer, I mean he has probably forgotten more about Adobe Illustrator than I have ever known) Rob Engman has started a new venture -- he's designed a whole line of quirky, whimsical illustrations using his own fresh new take on the "heart" (❤) symbol (as in "I ❤ Whatever") to express his fondness (and, hopefully, yours as well) for a variety of fantastic critters, including Vampires, Zombies, Robots, and Werewolves, to name a few.

These unique designs are printed on a range of various types of shirts, and you can see them all at what Rob is calling "Von Engman's Shirt Vault", found at this link:


I think I may have to break my self-imposed rule of not wearing t-shirts with designs on them... these things are pretty cool! (I especially like the robot one.) -- PL


Baron VonEngman said...

Thanks Pete-
I greatly appreciate your support, enthusiasm and all the generosity of time and experience you've lent to me and assisting greatly in getting me to this point.
sincerely yours, Rob
p.s. Did you mean Has created where you say Had created, it sort of sounds like the venture is over not beginning, I'm not sure but its just the old copywriter in me (wink).

PL said...

Rob, you are right! Noted and corrected... thanks! -- PL