Saturday, June 14, 2008


I made up this word the other day when I was out riding my bicycle and musing about email, my blog and the Internet in general. The way I would define it is "the antipathy and/or hostility encouraged by the use of anonymous 'handles', or pseudonymns, when communicating on the Internet". I believe that when people are able to post messages or comments in this fashion, they are more careless about what they say, and more likely to be deliberately cruel, rude or pointlessly disruptive.

But beyond that, I have to say that I'm getting a bit weary of talking with pseudonymns. I want to know who I'm communicating with. To that end, from now on I am going to ask anyone who posts a comment on my blog to please "sign" it at the end with their real name, first and last. If you feel you can't go that far, at least sign your first name.

Depending upon how this works, and how my feelings about "anonenmity" evolve over time, I may make this a requirement for posting comments. Or not. -- PL


Ectopaul said...

If you really want to know who I am, I met you at NYCC a few months ago. I'm sure you don't remember since there were thousands of people at your booth at one point or another. I did buy a sketch from you but couldn't afford Steve Lavigne's awesome color Leo sketch. I've also sent in 2 letters to volume 4 that were published.

I understand what you're saying about people being extra harsh. Back in Jr. High I was new to the internet, and was having a hard time in real life. I took out a lot of aggression on the internet because I didn't know better. Since high school I've matured and cooled off and I don't think I've had an internet fight in 5 or more years. I guess sometimes you just have to ignore the people that try to ruin things for everyone else, and hope that one day they are able to make peace within themselves.

Anyway, I'm sure that bored anyone who read it so I'll sign off.

-Paul D.

Shell Presto said...

Honestly, I'll probably always sign these "Shell Presto," because it's not a far departure from my name and it has been my internet handle, pen name, and nickname for years.

I don't try to hide behind it at all, and I can't forsee me being rude (although someone could correct me), it's just how people get ahold of me or know me online (and often in person).

But for the sake of you knowing who I am. I'm Michelle Prestileo, longtime comic fangirl, amateur artist and writer, and professional copy editor for a newspaper.

At any rate, I hope that's acceptable.

Splinter's Iroonna said...

I have no problem with that.

Cynthia Fluharty

Some places I post as Cynlee because it was the only name I could reg. under.

Splinter's Iroonna came as a whim to be something "different". Plus it tickled my fancy.

roseangelo said...

Well, my real name isn't exactly a secret, but I prefer to keep its Google-ablity to a minimum, so I will be refraining from signing each comment.

Your point is a valid one, but I don't think that revealing real names is the fix-all for the problem you describe. The complications of communicating with a person through the written word, electronic or not, will remain whether or not you know a person's real name.

All of the Con reports and meetings with you that I've read have spoken very positively about the experience, but those do not match with the person I see writing through the letters page of Volume 4. Nor do they match other communications with you that friends of mine have experienced.

And I would be the first to admit that my own communications skills are in some parts lacking and in need of improvement. It's something I've been making conscious efforts to improve over the years.

CrazyCowboyDion said...

This is the first time I've posted a comment, but I've been reading palblog since Day 1 so now is a good a time as any.

My name is Jamison Dion. I'm a garage door mechanic and amateur writer/artist who is trying to start a small press for zines and comix. I've been a TMNT fan since '88 when I was four years old & aside from enjoying pretty much every single one of the comics, toons, toys & movies I also maintain a sprawling TMNT collection that I've been putting my heart, soul (and bank account!) into for nearly 4 years now.

Nick Nitro said...

While I am quite a lurker more than anything, unless the power of something other than self-control urges me to post. I sort of try to keep my name out of the web a lil but in a different way than roseangelo. (which is fine, I totally understand not wanting to be put up in google, etc.)

When I do my webcomic/graphic novels, or do my podcast, I release it as Nick Nitro, but my initials are NRA. (ha. I am the National Rifle association. ha. he said sarcastically.)

Anyway, been a big TMNT fan since the toon, and moreson with the mirage stuff since my mom bought my TMNT book 4 by First Graphic novels, thinking it was the comic graphic novel to the current TMNT movie... (it was TMNT 2, I don't know how she got 4 from 2, but parents... :) )

I am from Columbus Ohio area, (home of the Ohio State Buckeyes!) and my mom works for HONDA (of all places, since you mentioned that in your previous post.)

What I find to be weird about the internet, is that here, I can edit what I say, where-as normal conversation i can not. It's while I prefer conversation on here (via the internet in general) sometimes with people I do not know that well, (cos before I send it to them, I can go through, re-read it and add and make sure it doesn't sound one way or the other, in my opinion of course, as an misinterpetation) but that doesn't neccisarily mean I come off anywhere as I want to sound.

I agree with author Michael Cricthon(sp?), even tho I am totally addicted to these computer devices, the internet takes away good old fashion communication away, which at it's heart should be beneficial to mankind, not self-destructive, which most of the time happens, where people just go online and post a bunch of spewing garbage.

But I have rambled for too long.

Just a question Mr. Laird, in terms of any more suggestions for future 'questions' for you, is there perchance an e-mail or do we just post them in the intial post? I was just asking.

-- Nick Nitro

PAAATE said...

I'm just gonna throw a lot of unnecessary info in here :P

Name: Patrik Mikael Andersson

Age: 18

Location: Höganäs, Skåne, Sweden

Height: 178cm.

Body: Normal (not fat, not thin)

Attractive: Kinda

IQ: 129

Music: Metal, punk, rock

TV: Twin Peaks, The X Files, Dead Like Me (wow, all canceled.. o.o)

Food: McDonalds :D

Party: No, thanks :(

Education: Studying movie-making

Work: Nothing

Marital status: Single

Sexual preference: Girls o.o

Politics: Socialist

Religion: Atheist

Supernatural things in general: Agnostic...

Pet: A cat

Cleanliness: What's that? :P

Smoker?: No

And I don't do drugs or drink alcohol either.. :P I don't even drink coffee.. O.o

My first contact with TMNT:

When I was seven years old, a friend of mine showed a VHS-tape he had puchased.. It was the one with the punk-frogs and I thought it was so fucking cool :P

Reading right now: Stephen King's "It"

Dream: To be able to make a movie of every Stephen King-novel written, and doing it without producers telling me how to do it, and just having monetary resources that will never drain.. Yeah, will never happen, but would've been really cool :P

Newton Gimmick said...

I'm guessing most people aren't as rude in person. But who knows maybe some of these people would insult you in person.

This goes back to the fans who think they're more in tune with what the TMNT need to be than you. They feel they need to protect your creation from you. It's a bit crazy.

Glad to see you're posting so much though.

- Newt

Newton Gimmick said...

Err, to add on to what I was saying... I think it's great that we have this interaction with you. The idea that perhaps some of our concerns could be voiced and taken into consideration is to me, priceless.

Unfortunately, that I also know is a double edged sword. You'll also be exposed to those who feel you need to change ever facet of what is done and won't settle for anything other than they're right.

To which, it could backfire. What might be a good idea and something you might could come around to... If constantly hammered and pestered by annoying people could cause you to turn against the idea based on your feeling that it's associated with that person.

It'd be like enjoying a certain band but then having someone always go on about how they're so great to the point that it actually makes you start disliking the band.

I suppose this is off topic. But anyway, I am appreciative that we have this kind of interaction with the TMNT head honcho and I hope that you're able to weed out the legit concerns from the more insane drivel and that you're able to withstand the onslaught of fanboys with "superior" opinions.

And maybe just maybe, somewhere along the way you'll come to understand them more as they come to understand you more. In a perfect world at least.

- Newt

Buslady of SoCal said...

That's fair Pete.
I like the word too.

Just about everybody here knows me by my nickname which originated with ownership of Volkswagen buses, but now extends to running our school bus company.

I am proud to say I now have a NECA Raph that stays and guards over my bus all the time. :D

AKA The Buslady
Loyal Raph fan since 1990.
(love 'em all but he's me favorite)

poppyrobbie said...

Peter, I'm sure it's been suggested before, but you guys should just completely dork-out and just get Myspace accounts to post blogs thru. That way you'd know exactly who's viewing it, replying to it, ect. You can even set the profiles to private so that only people you are "friends" with can view it.


Biff Boulder said...

yes the internet is technilogical equivalent of the ring of gyges.
and the more anonymity you give people, the worse they behave.
also i like my pseudonym more!
my real name is sean, i'm 23 i live in the pacific northwest.
i'm in love with life and lousy poetry.
also i'm going to school to refine my drawing skills.

Dinoff said...

Wow! Interesting post!

I disagree with your thinking, but that's just me! I tried to write down what I was thinking, but it was just WAY too long and drawn out so I decided not to put it in!

I personally, have no problem with leaving my name, but others do and will, and I think that you should respect that. If you would like to post comments on my blog(good, bad or indifferent), no problem!


Name: Dinoff Masterson

Good job though!

Duke said...

I'd like to think I'm the same person on or off line. There is definitely some security that comes from being anonymous, but I truly believe people are who they are with or without that sense of security. People may be more likely to display their true nature because they're anonymous but that doesn't mean it's not just the manifesation of who they really are. Anyways if view my profile and click on my email address, you'll notice its my first and last name, so I don't really consider my identity any type of huge mystery.

-Erik Henkel

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..well what's weird ..over the past 10 years + .."Tokka" not only has become my online handle or whatever you'd call it, but it's also a nickname. At this point, i refer myself to this name, sign my work with it ..and am actually rather happy that in some cases i become synonimous.

It's a pretty personal reason and special ..

so call me Dave or Tokka i don't care.

.. i hope that makes sense.


/-\ [) @ (\/) said...

"I believe that when people are able to post messages or comments in this fashion, they are more careless about what they say, and more likely to be deliberately cruel, rude or pointlessly disruptive."

Well, I must say this sounds about right from the backlash I've seen towards some of your blog posts. Speaking for myself only though, I can say that I am basically the same person in writing that I am "in person". I would never, on the internet or in real life feel inclined to be pointlessly cruel or mean-spirited towards anyone. Hopefully none of my comments have ever been perceived that way here.

When I post a response to something, even if I don't like or agree with the topic, I try and post in a constructive manner and clearly state why I don't agree so as to help you get fan feedback for future use. It was my belief that you started this blog with the intention of giving the fans access to you, and vice versa with our opinions on the Mirage happenings. I very much appreciate this insight you have given us and would never go off on a unnecessary ramble of hatred like I've seen others do here, but I'm also not really an angry person by nature so maybe it's just me. get to the meat of what you asked in the post. My name is Adam Riches, and although we've yet to meet in person, I've spent the past several months trying and then some via Steve Murphy and have a project I'm currently working on for you that has to do with Tales. Since I don't really have a means of talking to you without anyone who has internet access seeing it, I'd prefer to not get very specific with any of that stuff on here, I would love to talk to you sometime though. Murph, Dan, and Luke Richardson all know me and have my contact info so if you would ever like to know more about me they can give you my info. In closing though, I guess now would be as good a time as any to publicly and personally thank you for the aforementioned opportunity you’ve given me and for giving the fans such a close personal way of getting to stay updated with your current happenings. The TMNT fandom at large are all very appreciative of your continued efforts, please don't let some poor spoken, and rude individuals stop you from continuing the great service you have provided us all with in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Very Clever word. And I do agree that some people can (and will) be hostile online just 'because they can'. Having seen it both on here and on the many forums I visit, It can really be frustrating. The idea that you have to take it because you 'shouldn't take anything on the internet seriously' is completely nonsensical.

My nickname simply comes from the fact that I joined the Online world when I first entered college. I was originally 'the Machias(maine) banshee', but it evolved into Machias Banshee.

I'd give my full name, but all you'd find is a whole lot of wrestler information. But I can tell you that we met at the PBBZ Comic-con a few years back, and I had you sign a #1 reprint "Greetings to the Technodrome". I also shared (a little) artwork with Jim Lawson and got some of his Paleo comics. *loved the whole day*

Anyways, I'll just use my first name, but if you're ever curious, I'm willing to share..

(Heck, I'd send you my resume if it could get me anywhere...)

Amy (the shameless one) in Dover

/-\ [) @ (\/) said...

"I'd give my full name, but all you'd find is a whole lot of wrestler information"

Do you happen to share your name with the real name of the wrestler Lita? Since she's the only Amy wrestler I know...just curious. (I'm a wrestling fan)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's the one. That's gotten me into more trouble online... :)

/-\ [) @ (\/) said...

she's a cool lady. :-) I met her once....anyways back on topic, sorry!

Stephan @ The Turtle Van said...

I already use my real first name so I'm all set :-). But, "that guy with the ninja turtle tattoos" usually works for most people lol. Speaking of which, I went to DisneyLand today and it was blistering hot so I went, I forgot how much attention the turtles get in public places hehe.

Splinter's Iroonna said...

Stephan-- are you the guy I'm thinking of who lives in South Pasadena? And if so, how come I've never been lucky enough to see you around town?


No need to answer-- just had to bring it up because I'm bored.

And Mr. L-- posting our rl names isn't really going to change the fact that some people out here are rude. I teach in an elementary school in L.A.-- and I know every teacher's name-- it doesn't prevent them from being rude when they disagree with me about things.

The only thing that prevents me from being rude back is the fact that, despite it all I like to think I'm more professional then they are.

That and I can't run fast any longer.


Wil said...

Can do, Mr. Laird.

-Wil Brendel

Dragon Turtle said...

"The way I would define it is "the antipathy and/or hostility encouraged by the use of anonymous 'handles', or pseudonymns, when communicating on the Internet"

As someone who has braved countless internet forums these many years, I have to say that, if you're going to open up free lines of communications with your fans, this will always be an ongoing problem you will have to face. The best you can hope for is that, overtime, the majority of the fans who post here can express their opinions, thoughts, and disagreements in the most cordial and respectful way they know how.

While a blog, forum, or website that offers fans the ability to communicate openly with a creator may be a double edged sword, the long term benefits far outweigh any short term headaches you may have at the moment.

"and more likely to be deliberately cruel, rude or pointlessly disruptive"

Those people will remain the same whether they are using a "handle, their real names, or just using pseudonymns that sound like real names.

Best Regards;

Daniel D. Lewis

Newton Gimmick said...

Whatever you do, DON'T go the Myspace route. Myspace is the absolute worst place for blogging EVER. And it doesn't make it anymore "real" than here.

I can't handle Myspace as is, but going to your Myspace and seeing your "friends" post stupid posts about how they bought you as a pet and comparing movie quizes and yadda yadda... Just avoid it like the plague.

You got a good thing going here.

- Newt

Splinter's Iroonna said...

Blogger Dragon Turtle said...

"and more likely to be deliberately cruel, rude or pointlessly disruptive"

Those people will remain the same whether they are using a "handle, their real names, or just using pseudonymns that sound like real names.

Best Regards;

Daniel D. Lewis

Daniel D. Lewis????

*kicks self for not signing herself earlier as Angelina Jolie*

Mentski said...

Here's a little formula which sums it all up care of "Penny Arcade" (Warning! Bad words may possibly be ahead!)

I understand why you are asking people to do this, as giving out your real name is a metaphorical lowering of your guard. And it probably will lower hostilities from some people, but not all.

Trolls will just keep changing their nicknames, and continue to be pests, asking them to put their real name down won't even change that, even if they comply, they'll just write fake "real" names too.

Some people are aggressive anti-social whatsits no matter what. That's the Internet for you.

Will I be signing all my posts with my real name?

In all truth? No, no I won't, not as a slight to you, but the nickname "Mentski" is more synonymous to me on the Internet AND real life, than my real name is, nowadays.

And that's the thing. Just because you're using a nickname on the net, doesn't necessarily mean you are doing it to be anonymous. To me, it's never been about gaining anonymity, but gaining identity.

Google my nickname, for example, not only will you find out I've been using it for a long, long time, no doubt you'll find my real name somewhere or other, I'm sure even my address is probably tied to my nickname, or at least the web domains I own, somewhere, too.

I'm sure you'd also see me effing and blinding, and all sorts on some sites too, but always in context with the rest of the content there.

I'm sure my website would offend some people, for example. But in the end of the day, that's my personal space, I can do what I want there.

But here, and other sites, I don't, It's a matter of respect, and a matter of pride. I don't want to come off as a jerk.

In the end of the day, unlike the trolls that hide behind the anonymity of nicknames, I've used the same one for over 10 years on the net, and have a reputation to uphold. Probably not the best reputation in some respects, but certainly not one of a troll.

Sorry to poke a hole in your portmanteau! :)

- the artist previously known as Darren Paul, 33 year old cynic and doer of stuff.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..well what's kinda amazing is that everyone is being a bit revealing already, almost giving life stories..

OK :: ..

I was brought up..

on a side street ..

Learned how to love ..

before I could eat.

I was educated, from good stock
When I start loving I just can't sto- -


..hey wait a sec !!



Brinaj78 said...

Well, this nick I've chosen has been around since 2000, and it isn't much in originality, just a partial combination of my real name (Sabrina) with my favorite turtle (Donatello). And I guess I should admit we've met before. :)

Brinaj78 said...

*slaps forehead* OOPS! I'm going by Brinaj78 on here! Idiot me. Well, Brinatello is another nick I use at TMNT forums. Sabrina is my real name, the J stands for Johnson, and 78 is for 1978, my birth year.

Neil V said...

Hope this isn't because of one note I posted on the Drome that wasn't meant to be insulting in any way shape or form, merely asking for info.....

But I already do post with 75% of my real name on here. I tend to avoid using my real name just out of habit, like posting my real email address in places.

But, in the interest of open info..You can find me posting on the Drome as Vegita-San, on tmnt-l as Shredder, and on my own soon to be relaunched website as MasterShredder.

And a one time only posting of my full name, Neil Vitale :). I'm usually a member of Ivey's Entourage when we head out to the various cons....5'6, Black hair, around 265....and trying not to be as annoying as hell in asking yo many fan based questions :).

Jeffry White said...

I take issue with the equation of anonymity and pseudonyms. They're similar, but there are some important differences. As many people have already mentioned they've been using their pseudonyms for extended periods of time. For these people their pseudonym is hardly a anonymous identity. And there are actually a few very compelling reasons why in certain circumstances pseudonyms can be useful and justified. People like physicians or teachers who would like to blog about some of the happenings in their life but are required to keep the anonymity of their students/patients. But I digress.

Then there is the point that you're probably not familiar with many of the people posting here. This is the nature of the internet. Honestly, does it matter if I use my real name or my pseudonym here? Probably not since you're unlikely to be familiar with the identity behind either.

Still, there probably is something to these semi-anonymous names that makes it more likely for people to act more rudely. After all, if your internet identity gains a bad reputation you can easily create a new one.

On that note I don't see the purpose of having people use their real names. The people to wish to remain anonymous can easily use another fake name. In short, requiring people to use their "real names" will change nothing.

-Seewhat Ididhere

Lunar-ninja said...

Like pretty much everybody else has said, internet rudeness can be found everywhere and there's not much one can do to change it. I've encountered plenty of it, being a writer and artist, but most of the time all you can do is ignore it.

I hope people will get a grip soon because it's really not fun to be on the receiving end of somebody's Rude Stick. =P

- Caitlin, 16, loyal fanartist and TMNT fan for 5 years, in Southern CA

J Sayre Bagley said...

Oh, I'm sorry that people hiding behind nicknames and facelessness are ruining this experience for you. If it helps, seeing that you started your blog totally made my day when I discovered it, and I've really been enjoying reading your posts! I've sent the link to other friends interested in comic books and the TMNT, and they've found it just as interesting!

So I'm sorry that a few people are determined to affect you negatively. It's really a shame, but I hope you know how pleased the rest of us are that you're putting yourself out there to give us a better idea of what you do. :)

-Jessica Bagley

discordiatookie said...

Well, since everyone's introducing themselves, here's me:- They call me Michael Tough in my real life. I live in scotland, and I sell carpets for a living. I turn twenty-five tomorrow, and am going to see Incredible Hulk to celebrate.

Right now i'm watching Concert for George - a George Harrison tribute, scanning my sketchbook into my flickr acount, and posting this. Multi-talented baby, yeah!

Just got perhaps the best b-day present earlier today - found out my sister is pregnant. Sorry for all this random facts, by the by!

I get my nick from this - you say my surname like "Took", not "Tuff". Been known as Tookie since I were a lad! Discordia comes from the Stephen King Dark Tower books. Of whom, may I ask, are you a fan?

!*Michael Tough*!

Splinter's Iroonna said...

Blogger discordiatookie said...

Well, since everyone's introducing themselves, here's me:- They call me Michael Tough in my real life. I live in scotland, and I sell carpets for a living. I turn twenty-five tomorrow, and am going to see Incredible Hulk to celebrate.

Happy Birthday, and may I say how much I love your icon!


~ tOkKa said...

♫ ~~ ** ♫

.. ** I'm a soul man .. ~~

~~ !! - ~~

-->> .. >v<

PL said...

"Splinter's Iroonna said...
And yes, Peter Laird, I do think that you take some things too seriously! There! I've said it. For heaven's sake, not everyone is going to share your vision. I agree, they should not be rude, but in my opinion you have sometimes come across just as rude-- probably a fight or flight reaction. It happens. We're only human (except for the utroms)."

I apologize for deleting your comment, but to forestall another revolting and tiresome "troll battle" (such as has happened several times over at Murph's blog), I will be deleting any comments by Armaggon and any comments responding to him. -- PL

Splinter's Iroonna said...



GreenWillow said...

Hi Peter--
I agree to a certain degree that the anonymity that screen names afford can sometimes lead to ruder behavior. I think it works a little like road rage. Someone who might say "s'cuse me," and step aside if bumped in line at the grocery store might be more inclined to honk and wave middle fingers if cut off in an intersection in their SUV armor.

On the other hand, there are always going to be immature, disrespectful toll-types who just don't get it. If someone is unwilling to behave appropriately sometimes the only thing you can do is to block them.

Now as far as my personal anonymity goes, at one time I felt it was important to help keep my professional life separate from my on-line "fandom" life. And for my kids, the younger ones I've insisted they not post their real names anywhere online for safety's sake. (There may well be some minors posting here who have been instructed to do the same.)

But my "anonymity" is pretty much a joke anyway at this point, so here is me:
~Donna Gene Omo
~Mother of four
~Therapist (having worked primarily in the substance abuse field for the last twenty years.)
~Community College Instructor
~Aspiring writer, part-time starving artist.

I've used the name GreenWillow since 1991 first as a "nom de plume" and then as my on-line screen name. I'm pretty sure I am exactly the same person in person as I am online. (A few people who post here can attest to that)
It's funny, but on-line "GreenWillow" feels more like my real name than "Donna" does.

Vaughn Michael said...

My real name Vaughn Michael is my user name on here but I don't mind signing, I usually do it at the end of all my e-mails.

PL said...

Thanks to everyone who responded quite civilly to my "anonenmity" post, especially those of you who shared your names and some details of your lives. I appreciate it.

I feel I need to elaborate a little bit more on why I am asking people to use their real names. You see, although I have been using email for many years, I have never done anything like this blogging thing before. In fact, I have rarely posted comments on any forums or blogs, and thus have never dveloped the comfortable familiarity which many of you seem to have with the whole "handle" thing. And when I started this blog, and began responding to some of the comments to my posts, it quickly started to seem... odd. I mean, here I was, posting as (obviously) Peter Laird, my real name.. and I was "talking" with commenters going by a wide variety of what were clearly pseudonyms. It felt... weird. I can't think of another way to put it right now... maybe I can be more articulate later. But the long and short of it is that I have realized that I like to communicate with real names and not pseudonyms.

And yes -- I know, as several commenters have pointed out, that just because someone signs their comment "Steve" or "Joan" or some other "real" name, it doesn't necessarily mean that's their name. They could be prevaricating, for whatever reason would lead them to do such a thing. I guess I will just have to trust that that is NOT the case, much as everyone who reads this blog trusts that I am, in fact, Peter Laird, the Turtle guy. -- PL

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Laird's a ' SOUUuuul MAn ..'

da daat dah dahh ..dat datd dah da ..

♫ ~~ ** ♫


Stephan @ The Turtle Van said...

Splinter's Iroonna said...

Stephan-- are you the guy I'm thinking of who lives in South Pasadena? And if so, how come I've never been lucky enough to see you around town?

yup, thats me! I take it you're local then :-). And I'm certain you haven't seen me because... ima ninja.

GreenWillow said...

Peter, I can understand your discomfort with all the screen names. I think if I hadn't been involved in so many on-line communities for the last ten years my first encounters with all these funny names would leave me feeling like I'd fallen through the looking glass, too.
It gets to be very amusing when you meet people you've been "talking to" for years in person for the first time. I've had conversations with groups of people where everyone has multiple names and sometimes we stumble around trying to figure out which ones to use.
(And let me assure you, "GreenWillow" is quite mouthful when you're trying to communicate verbally!) =oD


Splinter's Iroonna said...

Blogger Stephan @ The Turtle Van said...

Splinter's Iroonna said...

Stephan-- are you the guy I'm thinking of who lives in South Pasadena? And if so, how come I've never been lucky enough to see you around town?

yup, thats me! I take it you're local then :-). And I'm certain you haven't seen me because... ima ninja.
Well then that explains it!

Yep-- been a resident since 1988. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

Neil V said...


This became super clear to me when i listened to the recent Raph and Mikey pod cast. I just love it how Wayne and John kept on reading the screen names as they would have a real last and first name :)...Some of them are so ludicrous it just came off as unintentionally funny :)...

Topsu said...

Well, thought I'd reply here as well, although I haven't put so many comments yet...

So, my real name is Topi Väisänen, and I live in Finland. Born in 1987, and been fan of TMNT as long as I can remember. Originally old toon and Adventures-series (being only one published regularly over here) and later finding all earlier and later comics.

Also some kind of fanartist, right now doing Archie series's characters as a challenge with a fellow fan (from japan...) and just about to ink Leonardo in Cyber suit.

That just about sums it up, so I'll sign this on bottom too.

-Topi Väisänen

discordiatookie said...

"Splinter's Iroonna said...

Happy Birthday, and may I say how much I love your icon!


Aaaw thankoo! I had a good day today! and yeah, I likes me a bit of Planet of the Apes, I does!

koni said...

Even though I'm mostly a lurker, I shall take the chance to introduce myself.
My name is Charlotte, I'm from Belgium, entering the university to study Dutch-English in a few months and recently got re-introduced to the Turtles because of the new cartoon airing here. As a kid, I watched the old cartoon even though I wasn't allowed from my mom (She didn't like me watching "boy's shows", such as Power Rangers of TMNT). But it's actually funny to see how the show lives over here: girls getting TMNT plushies (with polka dot bandanas that made me suspect it was home-made), my class playing pictionary and one of my classmates taking the guess of "Giovanni, the ninja turtle", or someone in a room full of people taking creativity class shouting out "A ninja turtle!" when asked what can be seen in a blob.
I'm also currently reading Stephen King's "The Stand", which has a little paragraph devoted to TMNT, saying that "things like TMNT give you the idea the world may just as well end". The translator also notes that the turtles are "heroes on a seashell". That really caught my eye, since I'm kind of hoping to become a translator myself someday.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Koni, .. it's appeared to me for several years now ..::

most of the Turtle fans i know ARE female.


Becky said...

I can understand what you mean about that, it's much easier for people to be cruel with what they say if they have a pseudonym to hide behind. It's nicer to have a conversation when both parties are on the same page. :)

Name: Becky Foulks
Age: 24
Occupation: Service Consultant at a Chevy Dealership

I had the honor of meeting you and the rest of the Mirage crew at this past New York ComicCon! I bought a lot of prints and had a lot of fun! :)

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

The Internet really is a double edged sword. I used to post under the handles “Raven Summersong” or “Tori Aiko” (Both characters from stories I wrote years ago) but after awhile even I got tired of the idea of wearing masks all the time online. While I’ve never been the type to act like an idiot, I also want to be recognized and held to what I say. When I speak, I speak what I think and what I feel, and I think it takes away from the power of my ideas to be pretending to be someone else.

I compromised on my recent (as in the last couple of years) handle of Sarahtdl (Sarah the Dyslexic Librarian) As I am (a) sarah (b) Dyslexic and (c) a paralibrarian. Sometimes I use the Sarah the Anime Librarian varient. But I've always made it clear we are one and the same. I feel like while that’s still “safe” as internet safety goes, I am also being totally honest in who I am.

But I agree. I’ve noticed it most in anime online fandom that people often feel free to act like insufferable @%^@%$%@$^’s when they can hide behind a false name. (I even run a panel at cons called “When Otaku Attack: The Dark Side of Fandom” that discusses among other things, cyber bullies and how fans of anime (and anything else) can help foster a supportive and fun environments in chat rooms and on boards.)

I’m not too shy about letting my name out of the bag, between my geek culture lecture website (which has my real name on it as people hire me to lecture on the subject) and the fact that the last time mom Googled my name a TON of things came up, I doubt I’m very well hidden. LOL.

But for anyone who’s interested, this is Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe, Geek, Writer, Paralibrarian, amateur actress, lecturer and all around odd but fun gal!

Kevin "Jester" McGill said...

Hey Pete,
Kevin "Jester" McGill Jr. here. I hear ya (and Machi). Anonenmity can lead to some really mean comments, I know. I hope I am not one of the nasty bunch. I've experienced total douche baggery due to people who have the safety net (no pun intended) of anonymity. Makes me wonder if that's what keeps you from 'net forums, like the Technordome.

Jason said...

I used my real name when I signed up.
I owned a small comic store from 1984 to 1994. I was there when the TMNT were born. I met Pete a few times at cons and have my Mirage 1st series, 1st prints 1-10, 4 micro series and Fugitoid signed as well as the typical head sketch in my autograph/art book. The story of Mirage inspired me to start my own little comic biz that had 14 employees and lasted about 3 years. Next to Pete, Erik Larsen is my fav creator. I am based just outside of Toronto, Canada.

margui118 said...

Hi Peter!! My real name is Margarita and I have used my nickname since'98. I'm from Peru, but live in the U.S.A 18 years in Miami, Florida.

And I love the ninja turtles since'91. :)