Sunday, June 1, 2008

Puppy Parker

I ran across this cute photo today -- it's from 2002. The cuddly puppy in the photo, snoozing on the floor of my office at Mirage, is our dog Parker. (Actually, I guess he's technically my daughter's dog -- she convinced us to get him, and named him as well... after "Peter Parker", Spider-Man's alter ego.) I think this must have been only a couple of weeks after we picked him up from a local animal shelter. He's a lot bigger now, but still lovable. -- PL

P.S. As I was looking at this photo a bit closer, I kept seeing these little specks of blue on the carpet. I didn't know what they were at first, but when I zoomed in on the photo in Photoshop, it suddenly became clear, and what a blast from the past! Those little blue specks are actually blue plastic balls which at one time liberally littered the halls of the artists' side of the building, residue from our many manic "airsoft gun" battles. What a trip that was! I think some of the wooden door frames still bear tiny dimples from multiple hits.

I still chuckle when I remember Jim Lawson crafting a protective helmet out of a colander... effective, but pretty wacky-looking!


Stephan @ The Turtle Van said...

Aw Pete! I'm an intense dog lover. When you signed my arm at NY con I don't know if you noticed the fresh tat on my other arm or not, but it was my dog Phantom who had passed away very shortly before you and I met. I miss him a lot, although I've gotten a new dog since then. New dogs can never replace the ones you've lost, but they sure do help the pain not sting so badly. Parker is adorable :-)

~ tOkKa said...

-->> tOkKa digs teh puppies ..

some time can we see the larger version of him sometime that he's all big on puppy chow ?!


Neil V said...

Cute dogie :)..Almost looks like the dog our neighbor has up the street, Tucker. He started out about that size not more than 6 months ago, and now he's grown to Bethoven height and width.

I had my dog for 16 years before we had to put him down, and I don't think I'll get another one...I hope my sister gets one eventually, though :).

Tinuviel said...

Awww that's adorable!!! I would love to see an all grown up pic of Parker too!
haha the airsoft battle memory gave me a good laugh at my desk : )

Summer said...

Awww, what a cutie! Kudos to you for teaching your daughter the best way to get a puppy is from the animal shelter.

The airsoft battles sound like a lot of fun. I wish I could convince my boss to let me break the monotony at work with something like that.

PL said...

"Summer said...
Awww, what a cutie! Kudos to you for teaching your daughter the best way to get a puppy is from the animal shelter."

I must give credit where credit is due -- it was really my wife who arranged getting Parker from the animal shelter (though I fully supported the idea). -- PL

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..the shelter idea is definite a wonderful option.

Bob Barker was right.. maybe i haven't sen everything.

i've seen my share of the horrors if irresponsible pet ownership and abuse.

You guys did a good thing and it's encouraging.

Jason said...

Try out the PC controlled airsoft missiles at thinkgeek. No one sees them coming until they hit.