Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blast from the Past #239: Dragon's Dentist (two versions)

(Once again, I have the feeling that I have posted an image before, but a quick search of my blog indicates that I am mistaken.)

This is a drawing I did back in 1983. I was inspired to write a children's book story based on this, but never did anything with it.

Here are two versions of the drawing. I probably have a third or fourth somewhere, but these are the only ones I could find right now.

This first one is all black and white inking, using a variety of hatching, cross-hatching and stippling techniques to achieve the desired texture and lighting effects.

The second one is one of my early experiments with airbrushing, and not a very successful one. (That, sadly, was typical of most of my attempts at airbrushing.)

You may note that I must have made copies of the basic inked version prior to doing all of the hatching, cross-hatching ad stippling, so that I would have an "open" version of the drawing on which to try airbrushing. I believe that there is a color variation done over the same "open" inked art. Maybe I'll come across that at some point and add it to this post. -- PL


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..overall & over the 2 pieces

::Pete, your one-of-a-kind humour really shines thru.

Sorry for the typos.

Adam Riches said...

I think there are some areas on the airbrushed version work well, especially on the top lip where you painted in some sharp highlights. It looks like you maybe just were using too wide of a spray on certain parts.

I've noticed too things about a lot of the stuff you show on here that you airbrushed:
1. That you did most of it free handed and not masked off.
2. That (I may be wrong about this one) but unless it's just a reaction to having them be airbrushed over the Xerox copy, it looks like you airbrushed this with paint and not ink because in the photo is has that strange multi colored reflection effect occurring that I usually see in black airbrush paint instead of opaque ink like Higgins.

The times you've shown stuff with color airbrushing though it's always seemed to be really strong and opaque so it may be just be a scanner/camera thing going on. Because it didn't have that effect in BTFP #35 on the #2 cover when you used the chemical toner. Anyways I'm rambling...I just have a real serious love of all things airbrush :-). Thanks for sharing.