Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blast from the Past #302: Conan versus Spider-Man

I think I drew this sometime in the late 1970's, back when I was a big fan of both Conan and Spider-Man, and regularly bought and read the various titles Marvel Comics put out featuring these stalwarts. If memory serves, I just did this one for fun.

I wonder just how long ol' Webhead's mace and shield (made out of webbing) would hold up against the surly Cimmerian's steel?

A couple of small details stand out when I look at this one closely. First, I forgot to draw Spidey's spider icon on his chest. D'oh! And second, look at how over the years the Zip-A-Tone background I applied as a plastic film has shrunken and pulled away from the edges of the drawing. I guess nothing lasts forever. -- PL

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mikeandraph87 said...

You could easily say that Conan ripped the spider embelem off his chest. That is what I would have thought.

I've always wondered what Spider-Man and Batman(my other two favorites) would look like under your pen! :D