Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thoughts on where this blog is heading

The first comment on my last post (about the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle show) was from Gale Benning, who wrote:

"I know of some people that don't really care about updates you do on your blog that are not TMNT related, but I find great joy in those that are not and this one in particular because it gives us a glimpse into your lives outside the universe of the pen & ink realm. "

It's a pleasant coincidence that Gale wrote and posted that just as I had been contemplating making an announcement about the future of this blog which relates closely to what he mentioned.

Astute readers of PALBLOG have probably noticed that since I started doing this blog, the TMNT-related content has varied in frequency, getting somewhat less frequent in recent months. Partly this is because I have already used up most of the coolest TMNT stuff I have in my files, but it is also reflective of a desire of mine to move forward from my association with TMNT. I'm not sure where that move will take me, but it is beginning to happen, slowly but surely.

Also, since I started this blog (a little over two years ago, on May 8, 2008), I've discovered that it is at least as much fun for me to talk about stuff I like or am currently thinking about as it is to talk about (and show) old Turtle stuff. It's turned into a fun way to keep family and friends somewhat informed about what I am doing, how my life is going... and some of them find that interesting, for which I am grateful. And I don't think I'll ever really be comfortable with the chaotic mess that is Facebook, so this form -- my blog -- is probably going to be the best outlet for me for this kind of stuff. I'm also taking inspiration from my wife's blog (as I did when I started PALBLOG) -- although I doubt I'll ever reach her level of beautiful, thoughtful writing, it's definitely a great standard to aspire to.

What I have also discovered through two years of doing this blog is that, in a way, it is serving as a kind of journal or diary for me. I've never been a consistent diarist, though I have tried many time, but for some reason this blog form helps. Obviously, it's not EXACTLY a diary, but it is enough of sort of one that it encourages me to continue.

So what can readers of PALBLOG expect to see in the future? To put it simply, more of the same, with less of an emphasis on Turtle stuff and more emphasis on personal thoughts, musings, rants, critiques, and so forth. Maybe even some posts about new art projects (if I ever start any, that is.) I'll not abandon the TMNT thing altogether -- I still have some items worth posting, and you never know what I'll uncover as I go through old piles of stuff. But for those people who come to PALBLOG looking for TMNT stuff and have lately found themselves grinding their teeth in exasperation when all they seem to see are posts about motorcycles, bicycle rides, panoramic nature photographs and other such things, it might be time to move on to other pastures. That being said, if you want to stick around, you're welcome to stay. -- PL


mikeandraph87 said...

I love the TMNT stuff first and foremost,but I like a mix. It allows us to get to know you better and find out other shared interest. I admit I know next to nothing about motorcylces,but its related post allow me to get to know another piece that amkes up the great man,who contributed to my life since the age of 2.
I specifically registered in light of the sale so I could keep base with you after the fact and learn some answers to questions I have/had,see your darwings and work of virtially any kind, and share other interest. Keep it coming no matter the topic!

Scott Tofte said...

I just enjoy seeing all of your artwork and musings. You have inspired me as a newbie-motorcyclist as well. I just thoroughly enjoy your blog posts. The TMNT will always be in my life, whether it's you talking about them or not. So I don't personally feel slighted if you don't feel like talking about them. I just want to see more of those new art projects :-) Also, I just got the signed fugitoid package I ordered from the site. So nice to have a piece of memorabilia signed by you. Goes nicely with my Lawson turtle sketch!

Fede said...

One year ago I came and started reading this blog for the Turtles stuff. If I am still here after all this time it is for you.
Turtles are great but Peter Laird is better :)
I hope to see you soon in some new project.

Adam Riches said...

I totally understand where you're coming from, and find myself doing the same thing with my own blog. As it's simply impossible for me to create enough illustration content I deem worth posting, on a fast enough basis.

I'm sure most of us came to find your blog through TMNT, but I still find myself checking for updates regardless of what the subject matter may be. I can be honest in saying I know little about motorcycles, but enjoy your experiences with them vicariously.

I can also be truthful in saying that the primary reason I continue to check the blog daily is in the hopes of seeing NEW work from you, completely unrelated to anything TMNT. Judging by the variety of past works you've shown on here, I suspect you have a lot of great ideas that simply need to be put to page/screen, and personally I can't wait to see them.

Anonymous said...

I came here a year ago because of the turtles, but now through all your posts i stayed because I like to read about your adventures and your opinions.In my opinion, aside from your association of the tmnt, i really like reading about your life and what you think about the world. your an amazing artist and you will never bore me with your post. cheers to you, look forward to reading more from you in the future!

galebenning said...

I totally agree with everyone and most importantly, with what you said Peter.
As I said and showed with the Mirage Group illustration it's more about you as a creator and a person that interests me in following your blog. I enjoy TMNT because it is a creation of yours, not the other way around.

Jeannine Atkins said...

I look forward to the new blog entries!

And thanks for the shout out re my writing style!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else. I may have started reading this blog for TMNT related posts, but i stayed to get to know you more as a person and look for other artwork that you're working on. and I'm still looking forward to some new stuff! :D

like the one person before me said, "it's more about you as a creator and a person that interests me in following your blog. I enjoy TMNT because it is a creation of yours, not the other way around."

David McBride said...

I think it see cool to see what the creators of something you like do away from their creation. Not saying that I don't love reading about TMNT stuff.

The turtles got me into art and drawing. I'd love to see other art projects you create too!

Mark Onyx said...

We'll after all the blog is and not strictly a TMNT blog. With that being said, a personal blog should be about whatever is on your mind, so keep on posting!

Tyr Germanic said...

cool stuff!uh,u could tell since the sale thats the direction it was going.
after seeing other works from mirage Ive always been curious why mirages/your attention was SO much on the turtles in the first place.
i always thought mirage would have its own pantheon eventually.
Thats why i was really into Planet Racers i guess.
hey,as long as interesting,blog away.
(random signs reference)

Josh (Kendamu) said...

I mainly read this blog for the TMNT stuff, but do whatever feels right.

ross said...

maybe oddly enough but i enjoy your non-TMNT thoughts/critiques/current goings-on posts the best, i'm very interested your "post-TMNT" life and stuff.

and, no pressure or anything, but i have my fingers so crossed for another art project from you. i want to see what you come up with next!

Stu Phoenix said...

Just like all the rest, I stumbled upon your page looking for anything TMNT related; like the rest I have stayed because I enjoy hearing your thoughts and opinions and viewing your art, Turtle or Otherwise.

Live long and prosper, sir. You deserve it.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> I'm here for the art and cuz i care about Peter the man and the artist.

I' moslty looking for new work from you be it TMNT or not.

~ t