Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've started drawing again, a little bit... I took one of the many empty sketchbooks I have accumulated over the years and have been carrying it around with me, even taking it to California on my recent trip there with Jeannine. I decided that I really needed to take her advice and just start doing something in it every day, even if it wasn't much good.

Most of it hasn't been, so far. And I don't know if I have really met the mark of drawing something every day. But it does feel good to see some stuff emerging from the void onto the page, which -- truth be told -- was always one of the best parts of drawing for me.

I kind of like this one -- I drew it the day after Jeannine and I watched "Robin and Marian", the "old Robin Hood" movie starring Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn. It's one of my favorite movies, and I'll admit it -- I always get teary at the ending. I've always had a love for the Robin Hood stories, especially the setting -- the mighty greenwood of Sherwood Forest. It's such a romantic notion -- living free in the deep, lush forest.

Of course, as I remember from the dim days of youth helping my brothers build little "camps" in the woods near our house, there was probably a lot of crude reality to intrude on the romance -- dirt, bugs and other vermin... and what did they do when it rained? And what about, you know, sanitary issues? Best not to think too hard on such things. -- PL


Fede said...

It's great to see you back with the pencil!
Remember that the expression is the good health of the man, especially of the artist.

mikeandraph87 said...

How can something from your penceil not be good? Sorry,but this fan finds that hard to believe.

What about a portrait of Jeanine on the next blank page? It would be a fun challenge I'm sure.

Jeff M said...

Thats an awesome sketch, Pete. I'd love to see it inked/painted. I've always really enjoyed your style. Th me, some of the best art I've seen from you, was actually non TMNT art. While I am a HUGE fan, The turtles' seemed to have cramped your creativity a bit. I'm glad to see you're drawing again. even if it is just sketches here and there. Sometimes a random sketch can spark something wonderful. Just looking at the picture you drew in this post, I can think of several story lines and characters. I am a rather imaginative one though.

Troy said...

A great piece, Pete. Of course, I can't say I'm not a tad biased -- until recently I was a traditional archer -- but it does look fantastic. Can't wait to see more.

Thumpasaur said...

Hey Pete will you come to my blog and look at my art?
Perhaps a critique or what ever.
When i was a little kid I was undecided between being a Ghost buster or a ninja turtle when i grew up.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work dude, I always enjoy your pencils and artwork. You should consider making a collected work of all the random drawings of yours over the years. I would totally buy a copy an look at it all the time. My old 3-D Design professor told me that to be a good designer you have to make your works "juicy"; people will want to always look at them and you have certainly mastered that approach. Kudos again and keep on drawing! ^_^

From Mary's Pen said...

Beautiful! And glad to see you're feeling inspired. It never ceases to amaze me how those who are talented can draw and still find fault in their own work. I draw (a very little, and nothing like on the level of a true artist) and see the faults in my work, but there is no false modesty involved! ;)

Seriously, lovely drawing.

Having done a fair amount of "rough" camping myself, I agree on the "not thinking too much". That is indeed for the best.

Take care.

Rejoicing in the day,

Tyr Germanic said...

!!!i rented that movie the other day,i havent watched it yet though,im glad itll be good.
i loved the errol flynn one.
its a surprisingly good ancient war movie.

thats great news youre drawing again.
the drawing is actually very good,and it seems like you have a new style-its more detailed and realistic and i couldnt tell it was a PL drawing like i can with most.
it doesnt hurt that its robin hood and the sherwood forest,which is awesome but can be cheesy.but this comes off as very cool. the tree and robin hood are the highlights for me.

the 2010 robin hood movie doesnt seem like robin hood.its a very weird movie.like friar tuck is a beekeeper for pointless,unfunny comedy.

if you want to see the realistic side of period pieces,rent SEVERED WAYS,its an independant film about vikings.
its a very different film,i liked it alot.

p.s.its funny,robins kinda a communist

Dinoff said...

Nice to see you are drawing again!

It came out awesome!

How does it feel now that you have your sketchbook back with you, and drawing whatever strikes your fancy?

B.Thomas said...

You haven't lost your touch one bit Pete!

kgar said...

This drawing is cool. You are an awesome artist, sir!

TMNT Vol.1 published by 1st Graphic Novels is a masterpiece of comic book art.

Joseph said...

Wow....this just created a whole new venn diagram of awesomeness in my mind. Beautiful piece of work!! One of my favorite comics artists drawing one of my most favorite(and underrated)movies. I think the only other person I've ever seen even acknowledge Robin and Marian in a drawing is Alex Ross-he based the Kingdom Come versions of Green Arrow and Black Canary on Connory and Hepburn.